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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Bli ett fan av Gunnar Bond James Schafer
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Mission: Tomorrow Never Dies
Released: December 12, 1997
Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Budget: $110 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $125.3 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $335.3 Million
Running Time: 123 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 003

Villain: Elliott Carver
Organization: CMGN
Scheme: The start of World War III for ratings
Henchmen: Stamper, Henry Gupta, Dr. Kaufman
Girls: Inga Bergstrom, Paris Carver, Wai Lin
Allies: Jack Wade
Bond's Kill Count: 25
Bond's Conquest 


A deranged media mogul is staging international incidents to pit the world's superpowers against each other. Now 007 must take on this evil mastermind in an adrenaline-charged battle to end his reign of terror and prevent global pandemonium.


Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond BMW R1200 C Tomorrow never dies3.jpg (442216 bytes)

Tomorrow never dies.jpg (592976 bytes)

BMW Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond BMW R1200 C Motorcycle Cruiser.










Screenplay  by Bruce Feirstei (for educational purposes only)




We're looking down at what used to be called "The End of the Known
World." A landscape that is both beautiful, and forbidding.

In the center of this vista, there is a deep ravine.

Pushing in on the ravine, there appears to be a giant icicle hanging
over a cliff:

AN ICE FALL. A 600 foot waterfall whose face is frozen solid.

Pushing in still closer, there is a tiny black dot inching its way up
the ice. A human figure. This is:


Bond is sweating and straining, four hundred feet in the air. He has
an ice-pick tethered to each hand, ice-cleats on his boots. A black
backpack. As he climbs, spider-like, pulling himself up, he goes to
JAM A CLEAT into the ice, but -

CRACK! A 50 foot stiletto of ice breaks off, CRASHING onto the rocks
below. Regaining his foothold, Bond looks down: Certain death. He
looks up: So very, very, far to go. Bond shakes his head:

There has to be an easier way to earn
a living.

Still, Bond climbs. Huffing, sweating, he goes up, and up, until -


He's 25 feet from the top. He drives a first ice pick in. Gets a
toehold. But when he slams the second pick in -



And 007 is now dangling, 575 feet in the air, staring at a torrent of
water - hanging only by the leather thread around his wrist, attached
to the first ice-pick, still embedded in the wall.

Bond pauses. Thinks. And coolly begins to swing himself back and
forth, in widening arcs, like a clock's pendulum.

At the high point of his swing, Bond reaches back to smash his other
pick into the ice - BUT MISSES. He looks up at:


Beginning to work its way out. The tether, fraying.


Cautiously, 007 begins to swing a second time. Once. Twice. And on
the third arc, he swings the ice-pick viciously - but MISSES AGAIN.


Now jutting downward, barely holding. The tether is almost totally
frayed through.


One last chance. Bond swings. Once. Twice. He reaches back, hurls
himself at the wall, lunging - AND SMASHES THE SECOND PICK INTO THE
ICE... Just as the tether finally snaps on the first one. Still,
he's all but home: He reaches over, grabs the first pick (barely
holding in the ice,) jabs it in, and continues upward.


Exhausted, Bond reaches up, over the edge. He drives a pick down -
through the ice, into the hard, flat, ground beneath the waterbed.

As he pulls himself up, (his full weight on the first ice-pick,) he
smashes a second pick through the ice, into the waterbed, and -


Breaking off with a groan, tumbling onto the rocks below.


A torrent of water crashes over 007. Fighting the oncoming deluge,
he crawls - on his belly - through the water - 25 feet inland.


Bond stands, walks out of the riverbed. He looks back at the cliff:


On either side of the water, there are two small RADAR DISHES, angled
down, scanning every inch of the area, save for

Movie Stills

PIERCE BROSNAN stars as James Bond in United Artists' TOMORROW NEVER DIES, the 18th installment of the longest running film franchise in history

MICHELLE YEOH stars as Wai Lin, an agent of China's Peoples External Security Force

Wai Lin (MICHELLE YEOH) makes quick work of the five thugs who are sent to kill her

JONATHAN PRYCE stars as the megalomaniacal media baron Elliot Carver, who hatches a deviant plot to start World War III to garner ratings for his new global satellite news network.

Tomorrow never dies.jpg (592976 bytes)
Hand-cuffed together on the back Of a stolen motorcycle, Wai Lin (MICHELLE YEOH) and Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) race through Vietnam's streets and over roof-tops.

PIERCE BROSNAN stars as James Bond and 
TERI HATCHER portrays Paris Carver.

At a rental office in Hamburg, Q (DESMOND LLEWELYN, Left) introduces Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) to his new gadget-enhanced BMW

Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) and Wai Lin (MICHELLE YEOH) prepare to secretly infiltrate Carver's Stealth Ship.

Bond (PIERCE BROSNAN) and Wai Lin (MICHELLE YEOH) escape Carver's Vietnam headquarters by sliding down a giant banner high above street level.


Gotz Otto portrays Carver's ruthless henchman, Stamper.

Left - TERI HATCHER portrays Paris Carver, Carver's disillusioned wife who shares a secret past with James Bond. Right - DESMOND LLEWELYN appears in his 16th foray as M16's ingenious inventor Q



Tomorrow Never Dies CD
Music by David Arnold 1997


Tomorrow Never Dies: Music From The Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK] 1997

1. Tomorrow Never Dies (Sheryl Crow)
2. White Knight (Arnold David)
3. The Sinking Of The Devonshire (Arnold David)
4. Company Car (Arnold David)
5. Station Break (Arnold David)
6. Paris And Bond (Arnold David)
7. The Last Goodbye (Arnold David)
8. Hamburg Break In (Arnold David)
9. Hamburg Break Out (Arnold David)
10. Doctor Kaufman (Arnold David)
11. -3-Send (Arnold David)
12. Underwater Discovery (Arnold David)
13. Backseat Driver (Arnold David ; Gifford Alex)
14. Surrender (Lang K.D.)
15. James Bond Theme (Moby)







Mini CD single, an 80 mm disc. The format is mainly used for audio CD singles in certain regions (singles are sold on normal 120 mm CDs in many countries), much like the old vinyl single. An 80 mm disc can hold up to 24 minutes of music, or 210 MB of data. They are often referred to as Maxi CDs in some countries.

Mini CD single, an 80 mm disc. The format is mainly used for audio CD singles in certain regions (singles are sold on normal 120 mm

Tomorrow Never Dies Smirnoff

United Artists

Release Date: December 19, 1997

MPAA rating: 'PG-13' for intense sequences of action violence, sexuality and innuendo

Never believe what you read in the paper. Or, for that matter, what you see on CMGN, the new twenty four-hour news network media baron Elliot Carver is gearing up to launch. There's no news like bad news, and if Carver has his way, what's brewing in the east is the worst news possible. Nothing gets their attention like war.

When a British naval vessel is sunk off the of Vietnam, eastern and western officials scramble to piece together what happened. Why would a warship stray into Chinese territorial waters? Why would Chinese MIG jets fire the deadly torpedo, killing all but 17 members of her crew?

The answer lies somewhere in Carver's worldwide headquarters in Hamburg, and there's only one man capable of finding it and stopping a war created in the name of profit and power

The name is Bond. James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan returns as James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, the 18th installment in the longest-running and most successful film franchise in cinema history. Known to her fans as the female Jackie Chan, Hong Kong-based action star Michelle Yeoh (Supercop) also stars as the mysterious Wai Lin, a Bond woman with a distinctly '90s twist, who becomes 007's most formidable female ally.

Award-winning British stage and screen star Jonathan Pryce (Evita) challenges Bond as the dangerously powerful and politically-incorrect Elliot Carver. Popular film and television star Teri Hatcher (TV's Lois & Clark) is his wife, Paris, who has a secret past with James Bond that can and may be used against him. Marking his 16th appearance as the legendary and beloved Q. Desmond Llewelyn returns with a host of ingenious, cutting-edge gadgets. Marking their second appearances in the Bond series are Dame Judi Dench as MI6's enigmatic M, and Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny. Sheryl Crow creates the title song for the film, adding her name to the long list of celebrated musical artists who have lent their talents to Bond films.


BMW Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond BMW R1200 C Motorcycle Cruiser.


Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond BMW R1200 C

The Main Cast

James Bond............................... PIERCE BROSNAN
Elliot Carver............................ JONATHAN PRYCE 
Wai Lin.................................. MICHELLE YEOH
Paris Carver............................. TERI HATCHER
M........................................ JUDI DENCH
Q........................................ DESMOND LLEWELYN
Miss Moneypenny.......................... SAMANTHA BOND
Stamper.................................. GOTZ OTTO
Jack Wade................................ JOE DON BAKER
Gupta.................................... RICKY JAY
Directed by.............................. ROGER SPOTTISWOODE


Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond, Movie, 1997


Played by: Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench reprises her role as the new M and has far more to do than in Goldeneye. For the first time in the series, she actually gets to watch James Bond in action via the war room TV monitors. She also gets some more "out of office" time when she gives 007 his assignment in the MI6 car.

Admiral Roebuck

Played by: Geoffrey Palmer

Rear Admiral Roebuck is first seen in the MI6 war room during the movie's pretitle sequence. He is an impatient man who is consistently bickering with M and making hasty and uninformed decisions, such as firing on the arms bazaar before knowing all the information. He is later responsible for sending the entire British fleet into China.

Charles Robinson

Played by: Colin Salmon

Making his first appearance in Tomorrow Never Dies, Robinson is one of Bond's good friends from MI6. He is very similar to Bill Tanner's character, who is missing from the film. Colin Salmon reprised his role in The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

General Bukharin

Played by: Terence Rigby

General Bukharin is only seen during the pretitle sequence, where he is Russia's liaison to the MI6 team in the war room.

Henry Gupta

Played by: Ricky Jay

Henry Gupta is Elliott Carver's technology assistant. He is the man responsible for sending the HMS Devonshire off course as well as informing Carver that his wife and Bond used to be lovers. Based on the contents of his safe in Germany, Gupta is a heroin and pornography addict.

Minister of Defence

Played by: Julian Fellowes

Julian Fellowes' Minister of Defence character is the highest ranking British official in the entire movie.

Cigarette Smoking Guard

Played by: Unknown

This man's one scene involves Bond lighting his cigarette for him and then punching him in the face before throwing his lighter-grenade into the fray to start the mayhem that the pretitle sequence becomes.

James Bond

Played by: Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan returns to the series for his second turn as James Bond. Ironically, he actually seems less at ease with the role than he did in GoldenEye. Still, the aspect of his performance that will always stand out most to me is his incorporation of a little bite in his love scenes, a little action that stands out every time he does it.

HMS Chester Captain

Played by: Bruce Alexander

This man is the captain of the HMS Chester, which is the boat that fires the missiles on the arms bazaar during the movie's pretitle sequence.

HMS Chester Firing Officer

Played by: Anthony Green

This man is the firing officer of the HMS Chester, which is the boat that fires the missiles on the arms bazaar during the movie's pretitle sequence. He is the one responsible for actually launching the missiles.

MiG Pilot

Played by: Theo Kypri

Theo Kypri plays the pilot in the back seat of the MiG that Bond steals in order to escape from the arms bazaar. He tries to strangle 007 but ends up being ejected out of the back seat into an enemy MiG hovering above in the climax of the pretitle sequence.

Commander Richard Day

Played by: Christopher Bowen

Commander Day is the unfortunate man in charge of the doomed HMS Devonshire, which is the ship that Elliott Carver's stealth boat sinks in an attempt to start World War III.

Stealth Boat Captain

Played by: Mark Spalding

All ships need a captain, and Mark Spalding plays the stealth boat's. His lines are limited, as are his scenes, but his job is very important.


Played by: GŲtz Otto

Despite starting out as one of the most menacing henchmen of the series after assassinating 17 innocent Devonshire crewmen, Stamper quickly becomes on of the most forgettable. His role is quickly reduced to a mere afterthought and even his death is one of the least memorable.

Elliott Carver

Played by: Jonathan Pryce

The main villain of Tomorrow Never Dies,Elliott Carver's plot involves starting World War III in an effort to get high ratings for his new worldwide satellite news network. While the plan is a good one that could have been ripped from the headlines of the day, Elliott Carver is just too nonmenacing a villain to leave an impact on the series. Plus, his death was probably the most laughable since Mr. Big's in Live and Let Die.

Chinese MiG Pilot

Played by: Vincent Wang

During the sinking of the Devonshire, the Chinese government sends a MiG to intercept the ship. This man is the doomed pilot of that MiG.

Philip Jones

Played by: Rolf Saxon

Philip Jones' brief scene on Elliott Carver's giant wall of monitors is a blatant joke at Microsoft's expense:
Elliot Carver: Mr. Jones, are we ready to release our new software?
Jones: Yes, sir. As requested, it's full of bugs, which means people will be forced to upgrade for years.

Tom Wallace

Played by: Michael G. Wilson

Producer Michael G. Wilson has had a cameo in every Bond film since The Spy Who Loved Me. This time around he plays Tom Wallace: one of Elliott Carver's employees who appears on Carver's wall of TV monitors.

Screen Captures of the Scene: Full Monitor | Closeup

Professor Inga Bergstrom

Played by: Cecilie Thomsen

Inga Bergstron is a Danish teacher at Oxford University and is James Bond's first love interest of the film. After nibbling on her shoulder, Bond receives a call from Moneypenny to report to MI6, at which point he says "I'm just at Oxford brushing up on a little Danish."

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Samantha Bond

Reprising her role from GoldenEye, Samantha Bond returns as Miss Moneypenny for two scenes: when she calls 007 at Oxford and as the driver of the MI6 car where Bond receives his debriefing. Here scenes are particularly painful this time around, as the bad puns and sexual innuendos have reached an all time low.

Avis Clerk

Played by: Antje Schmidt

This woman works at the Avis rental counter when Bond goes to pick up his company car upon arriving in Germany.


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

While Desmond Llewelyn is clearly showing his years more than in Licence to Kill (the last time he equipped 007 in the field), Q's scene is still one of the highlights of the film. Perhaps the funniest part of his scene is the sheer look of terror on his face when Bond nearly drives the remote-controlled BMW into them in the airport hanger.

Beth Davidson

Played by: Nadia Cameron-Blakey

Beth Davidson's only has a few moments of screen time as she introduces Elliott Carver to James Bond, allowing 007 to utter his famous "Bond. James Bond" line.

Wai Lin

Played by: Michelle Yeoh

The latest in a line of Bond Girls equal to Bond, Wai Lin is a fellow operative who works for the Chinese Security Force. She is an expert in martial arts and truly does rival Bond for the most bad ass secret agent in the movie. Her character was so well received (not by me) that MGM even considered producing a Wai Lin spinoff movie.

Paris Carver

Played by: Teri Hatcher

Trying to cash in on the success of Lois and Clark, the producers hired Teri Hatcher to play Carver's wife and Bond's former lover. Their scenes together seem forced, but she does have one of the best Bond Girl lines of the series moments after seeing 007 for the first time in years and slapping him in the face.
Bond: Was it something I said?
Paris: How's about the words "I'll be right back..."


Played by: Unknown

This man is one of Elliott Carver's thugs who beats up James Bond during Carver's CMGN launch party in Germany.

CMGN Security Guard

Played by: Unknown

This man is one of Elliott Carver's security guards who turns his head while James Bond turns the tables on the thugs who are trying to beat him up during Carver's CMGN launch party in Germany.

CMGN Newspaper Guard

Played by: 

This man is one of Elliott Carver's security guards at his German newspaper printing press offices.

CMGN Newspaper Guard 2

Played by: 

This man is one of Elliott Carver's security guards at his German newspaper printing press offices. He meets his demise when James Bond punches him into the printing press, which then rolls out with his blood all over the paper. This leads Bond to say, "They'll print anything these days."

CMGN Reporter

Played by: Minna Aaltonen

After his escape from Elliott Carver's newspaper offices, Bond finds a tape of tomorrow's news report playing that describes both his and Paris Carver's deaths.

Dr. Kaufman

Played by: Vincent Schiavelli

Perhaps one of the oddest characters in the series, Vincent Schiavelli's Dr. Kaufman is also one of the best. He is a professional "pistol marksman" who is sent to kill James Bond in his hotel room and make it look like a suicide. Unfortunately for him, Bond gains the upper hand when Carver's thugs can't break into the BMW and shoots Kaufman at point blank range.

Jack Wade

Played by: Joe Don Baker

Reprising his role from GoldenEye, Jack Wade helps Bond locate the resting place of the HMS Devonshire as well as arranging for 007 to perform a HALO jump to find it. Officially he is in no way involved, but, according to Wade, "We have no interest in seeing World War III - unless we start it."

Dr. Dave Greenwalt

Played by: Colin Stinton

Dr. Greenwalt is the CIA's GPS expert who helps Bond triangulate the exact position of the wreck of the Devonshire.

Master Seargent 3

Played by: Al Matthews

Master Sergeant 3 is the US Army representative that helps Bond get ready for his HALO jump.

Vietnamese Villager

Played by: Ian Boo Khoo

This innocent Vietnamese fisherman is shot with a spear gun when Stamper and his goons take over his fishing ship above the wreck of the Devonshire.

General Chang

General Chang Played by: Philip Kwok

General Chang's involvement in Carver's scheme can be summed up by a quote:
Elliot Carver: The general will be too late to stop the Chinese Air Force form sinking the Royal fleet. He will then negotiate a truce, and emerge as a world leader with the Nobel Peace Prize!
Wai Lin: And what do you get in return?
Eliot Carver: Just exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next 100 years.

Vietnamese Goon

Played by: Unknown

For the second time in the movie, James Bond punches a man smoking a cigarette. This time it's a goon waiting outside Wai Lin's Vietnam hideout.

Vietnamese Goon 2

Played by: Unknown

This man is attacking Wai Lin inside her Vietnam hideout before being knocked unconscious by James Bond.

HMS Bedford Captain

Played by: Pip Torrens

Pip Torrens portrays the captain of the HMS Bedford, the ship that almost blows the stealth boat out of the water during the film's finale as well as attempting to rescue Bond and Wai Lin after they successfully destroy the stealth boat.

HMS Bedford Air Warfare Officer

Played by: Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville portrays the air warfare officer of the HMS Bedford, the ship that almost blows the stealth boat out of the water during the film's finale as well as attempting to rescue Bond and Wai Lin after they successfully destroy the stealth boat.

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