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So here we are... The day has finally come that I let you all in on the big secret as to who the top ten Bond Girls are. Granted, I don't think the number one spot will be a huge surprise but I hope I throw a few curveballs at you so this doesn't seem like a complete waste of your time. After all, you are getting girl info, movie info, DVD info and looks at actual screenshots from the DVDs this entire time. What more can you ask for?

So, without further delay let's take a look at the top ten Bond Girls of all time, and don't just rush down to the bottom for the number one girl. Take your time, enjoy your stay as I try to dig a bit deeper with each of the rankings... and if you haven't checked out the other 30 girls yet be sure to do so with the navigation at the top and bottom of this article
 Miss Moneypenny
Before we got to the top ten I thought a tribute was in order to the one "Bond Girl" that actually shows up in every one of the first 20 James Bond films... Miss Moneypenny. She has been played by three different actresses throughout the first 20 films and did not show up in 2006's Casino Royale. Throughout the first 14 films she was played by Canadian actress Lois Maxwell, following Maxwell was Caroline Bliss who starred in the two Timothy Dalton Bond films and then the ironically named Samantha Bond took over the role for the four Bond films starring Pierce Brosnan. While this isn't an official ranking you can think of it as a tribute to a Bond Gal that we have all come to know and expect just about every time out of the gates...





 Maud Adams
(The Man with the Golden Gun)
You already saw her at the #23 spot two days ago for her part as Octopussy in the movie with the same name, but Maud Adams had a much more appealing role as Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun. Anders is the girlfriend of baddie Francisco Scaramanga played by Christopher Lee and she is the reason Bond becomes interested in Scaramanga when she sends Bond a note and a golden bullet engraved with 007. The note i seemingly from Scaramanga and when Bond believes the assassin means to kill him the game begins. However, this is a side note in a much larger story but it gives us reason to see Anders get busy with the commander, all while Mary Goodnight is in the closet (unbeknownst to Anders). Although she is ultimately killed due to her treachery Anders is one of the sexier Bond Girls and well deserving of her spot at #10.


 Shirley Eaton
Yet another girl who has received mention already on the list when we referenced her sister Tilly back at #32. Too bad for us though Tilly is the Masterson sister that lived while Jill was painted in gold at the beginning of Goldfinger. At the beginning of the film we meet Jill as she is posing as Goldfinger's girlfriend and helping him cheat in a game of Gin Rummy. Then Bond breaks into the room and proceeds to humiliate Goldfinger and win Jill's affection just as she has won ours wearing a black bikini and showing off a killer body. Unfortunately Goldfinger gets his revenge when he sends Oddjob up to knock out Bond and paint Jill entirely in gold and suffocating her skin which ultimately kills her. While her stay in the film is short it is a beginning we will never forget.


 Daniela Bianchi
(From Russia with Love)
She's a plain Jane, but Daniela Bianchi has a scene in From Russia with Love that makes me want her. After a conversation with Bond she takes his tie and holds it in her teeth with a smile that will absolutely give any Bond viewer a rush. Tatiana Romanova isn't without the necessary sex appeal that comes with a Bond Girl either. Just you imagine that a corporal in Soviet Army Intelligence is feeding you covert information and can' stop saying things like, "The mechanism is... Oh [your name here]... Will you make love to me all the time in England?" Yeah, I thought so. James is such a pimp he simply sloughs it off saying, "Day and night. Go on about the mechanism." There you go James, keep her in suspense!


 Claudine Auger
If you are going to even try and say anything about Dominique "Domino" Derval coming in at #7 let me just say this - Runner Up at the 1958 Miss World. Yeah, who else was in the Miss World contest? Keeping to a couple Bond alums lets just say Michelle Yeoh (#20) and Halle Berry 3). I would say Claudine is now legitimized. If you disagree I refer you to the numerous sexy outfits she wears in Thunderball including the black and whit number seen above. Apparently Auger was so damn good producers re-wrote the part from an Italian woman to that of a French woman to better suit Auger (source). Nothin' says lovin' like re-writing a role. Cheers Claudine.


 Fiona Fullerton
(A View to a Kill)
If I mention Salma Hayek and Austin Powers in the same breath I know that the hot tub scene in the first Austin Powers movie pops right into your head, and if you are a male I am sure even more popping occurs, but this is a family site... sort of. Well, the reason that scene is so sexy is because Fiona Fullerton playing Pola Ivanova showed us how it was done to begin with. This is one of the sexiest scenes in any of the Bond films and James takes full advantage. Pola is a Soviet agent that has been taping A View to a Kill baddie Max Zorin's conversations. Thanks to his bit of hot tub seduction Bond gets what every man needs and the tape. Score and score!


 Jane Seymour
(Live and Let Die)
Solitaire is multi-talented, on top of being extremely hot she can also tell the future! Talk about a chick I want with me:
Me: "Are you going to get pregnant this time?"

Her: "Yes."

Me: "Better wait 'til tomorrow, good night."

That is what I call a "getting out of a jam card." Of course, there is a drawback, she must remain a virgin in order to preserve her psychic powers. Considering Bond has already defiled her I am going to have to hope her daughters have the same powers. Otherwise, it will have to remain all a daydream. Damn you James!

For those that doubt this ranking you need to realize that this is also a role that lets all the young ones know that Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was once a bonafide hottie! And Jane Seymour was not only gorgeous back in 1973. All of you that saw Wedding Crashers or the recent commercials for "In Case of Emergency" know that she has aged extremely well as she is now pushing 56-years-old and saying things such as, "I just had my tits done. You like 'em?" in Wedding Crashers. Come on, this chick has what I need!


 Caterina Murino
(Casino Royale)
Like Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds are Forever, Solange does the same thing in the recently released Casino Royale as she leaves audience members wanting more Solange and less Vesper after she is killed off due to leaking information to Bond during their almost one night stand. Unfortunately, Bond never gets to taste her treats as he takes the information and bolts for Miami leaving her with champagne and caviar. Uh, for anyone that has seen this movie I think we can all say this is the worst decision Bond has ever made. I mean look - it's official - here she is at #4 on the Bond Girl list and James leaves for Miami at that moment? If I remember correctly Bond always chooses at least a quick bit o' sexy time before rushing off to the job. Man, someone needs to add, "Make that 30 minutes," to Daniel Craig's vocabulary.


 Halle Berry
(Die Another Day)
Does Jinx deserve a #3 spot? This was a dilemma of mine only because I think Halle's star has fallen since Die Another Day. However, when all was said and done I couldn't help but make her the third best Bond Girl. Halle has such a beautiful face and such a smoking body it is impossible to ignore. Plus she isn't afraid to toss out the sexual innuendos, "So Bond's been explaining his Big Bang theory?" "Oh yeah, I think I got the thrust of it." Very nice there Jinxy, and how about her comment to Miranda Frost? "He did you? I didn't know he was that desperate." The girl has a bit of a bite and a body that doesn't quit, number three is the spot for her.


 Barbara Bach
(The Spy Who Loved Me)
Unless you are a true Bond fan you may not actually know who Barbara Bach is, but the minute you see her in The Spy Who Loved Me you will never wonder again. The screen capture above is just the beginning of all the sexiness Barbara throws on screen as Anya Amasova, or XXX if we are going to use her Russian codename. Yeah, this chick starts off known as only XXX. On top of that, she is running around in the outfit you see above and getting soaking wet and offering up so much healthy 30-year-old breastage it isn't even funny. The decision to give her the slot as the #2 Bond Girl of all time was not a hard one, and for you trivia junkies she is also Ringo Starr's current wife and has been since 1981. I would use the fact that a Beatle would have taste to boost my decision, but we have all seen Yoko, she messed everything up didn't she?


How hot is she? Ian Fleming, the man himself, even references Honey Ryder in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" as a "beautiful movie star." Now that is saying something to have that kind of impression.


So there you have it, and now I leave you with a tribute to the ladies and the man that makes it all happen...


 Michelle Yeoh
(Tomorrow Never Dies)
I think we all know that while Brosnan was a pretty good Bond his films weren't that good. However, I think it is safe to say  is the best of the Brosnan Bonds. We had a decent villain, but on top of that we had a fantastic Bond girl in the likes of Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin. Masquerading as a Chinese journalist, Lin is actually an agent for China going after Elliot Carver just as is Bond. Her moves and more importantl her "shower" scene with Bond earns her a spot in the top 20. Recently Michelle is better known for her roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha, but she will never be forgotten as a one-time Bond girl.


 Honor Blackman
I am not sure if this will anger Bond fans or settle in nicely, but Honor Blackman rolls in at number 19 with her performance as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. I will admit, this is probably the best Bond name of them all in terms of word usage, hearing Connery say, "You're a woman of many parts, Pussy!" is classic. However, Honor is never really given the appropriate scenes to show off her assets and we are left with a couple of tight outfits, rumbles in the barn and plenty of hands on the hips, which is the only reason she is where she is on our list. Don't get me wrong, she will be remembered as a Bond Girl for all-time... she just didn't make it to the top ten of this list.


 Famke Janssen
So, I was scared of Grace Jones and gave her a spot at number 30 with her role as May Day in A View to a Kill and believe me I am just as scared of Famke after her performance in GoldenEye, but Grace is not as hot as Famke and the name May Day compares in no way to Xenia Onatopp. Sorry, that is yet another classic name in Bond lore and earns Famke a higher spot on this list. Xenia may have a bit of an aggressive attitude toward sex but Bond counters it nicely at the spa when she tells him, "You don't need the gun." Bond kindly responds, "Well, that depends on your definition of safe sex." Nice move James, and an even nicer one after you get close and then proceed to burn her ass on the hot rocks...


 Britt Ekland
(The Man with the Golden Gun)
Rumors have it that Britt was originally tapped to play Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun, a role that went to two-time Bond-er Maud Adams, but producers changed their mind when they saw her in a bikini (source). This worries me a bit, especially since I have her here at number 17, but when you see what she is willing to do I think you will agree she is where she belongs. Just before Bond and Mary Goodnight (another good name) are about to bump uglies they are interrupted and she is initially hidden under the sheets, but then Bond throws her in the closet... Where she stays all night while Bond has the sexy time with another woman and gets a good night's rest. The next morning she is peeved, but who can stay mad at Bond for long...? Not Mary Goodnight and that earns Mary her spot. Oh, and she shows up in a bikini in the movie and I am not about to complain and neither will you. So phooey to that rumor!


 Rosamund Pike
(Die Another Day)
Just looking at Rosamund Pike and knowing what a good actress she is it is shocking to me that Die Another Day was her feature film debut. However, she certainly took full advantage of the situation as she played the double-crossing MI6 agent Miranda Frost. Miranda has a way with the swords and with Madonna as her teacher how can she go wrong? I kid of course and NO, Madonna is not on this list thanks to her 15 second cameo. As for how Miranda makes it this high is purely thanks to her willingness to do what is necessary (a.k.a. get it on with James) to get what she wants... That, of course, along with being incredibly sexy and also for giving us the belly revealing tank top fight scene at the end of the movie with Jinx (Halle Berry). Can't argue with those facts, and if you think you can:  and clicky again.


 Caroline Munroe
(The Spy Who Loved Me)
I know I have said already that this list is not based solely on looks, but to ignore the body on Caroline Munroe as she plays Naomi in The Spy Who Loved Me would be a sin, and the fact that she sides with the baddies makes her even that much hotter. When she shows up on the boat in the scene previewed above it really is a moment in the film you don't forget.


 Lois Chiles
Whether you disagree or agree that Holly Goodhead deserves a #14 ranking is beside the point. Taking into consideration the looks, the name and the fact that she is a NASA trained astrophysicist working for the CIA that can fly a space shuttle earns her this part. Goodhea people! Goodhead! Moonraker may be one of the most absurd of all the Bond films but Holly is not to blame. So why does Denise Richards get blasted for being a nuclear chemist and Lois Chiles doesn't get the same treatment for playing an astrophysicist? If you have to ask that question then I don't think you deserve an answer.


 Lana Wood
(Diamonds are Forever)
Plenty O'Toole is in Diamonds are Forever for about 2 minutes - that is the only reason she isn't higher on this list, and if you want to dispute that I refer you to exhibits A & B above. Even in the downloads section on the official James Bond website Plenty O'Toole is one of the few Bond Girls to have her own wallpaper. That is saying something for this cling-on that meets Bond at the casino when she hears how much he is wagering. Unfortunately they don't get to seal the deal as Plenty is tossed out the window and into the pool only a few minutes later. It is a memorable role and one that almost earned her a top ten spot.


 Tanya Roberts
(A View to a Kill)
Our second lady from A View to a Kill makes the list as Tanya Roberts, who you may recognize more as Midge Pinciotti from "That '70s Show" stars as the highly attractive geologist Stacey Sutton. She is damn lucky she looks so good too because she does some dumb shit. First off she gives James a gun filled with rock salt to shoot at the bad guys (not effective) and then she rips up a check for $5 million (not smart). Yeah, she was basically selling her soul, but for $5 mil. you can have mine. Plus, she is now with Bond, take the money and go back on your word. It's a payoff, I don't see any contracts! I have a feeling no one could ever stay in a relationship long with Stacey, but then again, this is Bond - his relationships never last long. Hell, his marriage only lasted a few minutes. Sorry Tracy, that was a cheap shot.


 Sophie Marceau
(The World is not Enough)
Oh my, Sophie you are gorgeous. Sophie Marceau had been acting for a while before we all came to know her as Princess Isabelle in Braveheart. Born in Paris, France this beauty stars as Elektra King, the first main female villain in the Bond series of films. Of course, we all know The World is Not Enough is not one of the best Bond films, but to say Elektra is not one of the hottest Bond Girls is a sin. Sophie has faded into the background as far as her career goes since TWINE, but Elektra King lives on. Of course I am a sucker for French accents on beautiful women, but I don't think I am going to get any huge arguments here. She probably would have ranked in the top ten had she not killed her own dad. WTF is up with that Elektra? Not cool.
Ursula Andress
(Dr. No)
Here she is, the #1 Bond Girl of all-time and for the majority of Bond fans I am sure this is not a shocker as Ursula's appearance in Dr. No is a show stopper. She shows up just a couple minutes over an hour into the film, which means the next 48 minutes offer all the Honey Ryder goodness you could ask for. She invented Bond Girls and is yet to be outdone!

Just like Pola Ivanova's appearance inspired Salma Hayek's in Austin Powers, Honey Ryder was the inspiration for Jinx's first scene in Die Another Day as she walked out of the water in her retro bikini (check it out here), and even Mariah Carey mimicked the moment in her appropriately named music video for "Honey". Unfortunately for those ladies, first is first, and Honey certainly is first. After accidentally getting caught up in James' mission Honey holds her own along the way.

 Grace Jones
Okay, some of you may say this is too high and others will say it is too low for Grace Jones. Here's the deal... Grace scares the shit out of me. Yeah, look at the pic above, it was only appropriate for this lady. With that said, we also have to take into consideration what a night with Grace would be like. Yeah, it could get freak nasty. Then again, you could also die. It really is a toss up, but I felt to give her a lower rating would be disrespectful and any higher might give her ideas.


 Carey Lowell
I'm all for short hair on females, but when Carey cut hers as she played Pam Bouvier in Licence to Kill it was a bad move and a move that earned her a spot at 29 rather than any higher. There are definite positives to Pam that need to be noted. 1) She can handle herself (example above) and 2) she doesn't wince when Benicio del Toro gets chopped up. Now that is a real lady, give her a gun and she is complete. However, the hair cut and the whining and complaining at the end of the movie when she thinks Bond has decided to go with the sexier Lupe Lamora places her right here where she belongs.


 Teri Hatcher
When her husband, media mogul Elliot Carver, calls her a terrible liar he isn't exaggerating. Paris Carver may be hot, but she is the cause of her own death and for a lot of Bond's problems at the beginning of Tomorrow Never Dies. Just a little white lie Paris, that is all we are asking for here. Luckily she is done in by one of the most incompetent assassins ever, but it was only right that her death be avenged by Bond and her lies are just a memory as the rest of the story moves on and so does our list.


 Kristina Wayborn
If it wasn't for the forehead the size of a football field Kristina would be so much higher on this list, especially after her revealing getaway after stealing Bond's Faberge egg as she was left only in bra and panties below his balcony. Unfortunately, genetics and her desire to be with the slimy Kamal Khan is her ultimate downfall as she falls just shy of the top 25.


 Maryam D'Abo
Cute is the word for Maryam, not sexy, which is why she is the last Bond Girl to fall just shy of the top 25. What Kara Milvoy has going for her though is that she is in the arguably best Bond film of them all, The Living Daylights.


 Talisa Soto
Here is the girl Bond should have chosen at the end of Licence to Kill as opposed to the whiny Pam Bouvier. She's sexier and got that Puerto Rican blood flowing through her. Man, she is hot and has earned her spot at number 25. On top of all this there is a scene in the film where she is dressed in an amazing red dress... Do it, do it... How hot is this one time "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model? You tell me.


 Denise Richards
Denise Richards is a high school graduate. Her character, Christmas Jones, is a nuclear chemist. Denise Richards is HOT, which is where the dilemma lies. I will remind you that this list is not based on looks alone, and I blame none of this casting debacle on Denise, she brought what she needed to for the role, and both of them look great. However, to cast her as a nuclear chemist is insane. Who thought this would work? I understand that we all want to see Denise Richards in a wet white t-shirt, but just cast her as Wet White T-Shirt Girl instead of a nuclear chemist with the worst Bond Girl name of them all. There is a line in The World is not Enough where Christmas tells Bond not to make fun of the name, if that line has to be written into the movie shouldn't that tell you to replace the name altogether? Denise, you're hot, but not as a nuclear chemist.


 Maud Adams
This is not Maud's only appearance on the list as she starred in another Bond movie as another Bond Girl, but first things first. Adams stars as the title character in Octopussy. In the film she runs a circus to cover up her jewelry smuggling ring, not exactly the most intriguing of Bond storylines but Maud at the age of 38 proves she still has it in her to be a Bond girl.


 Eva Green
(Casino Royale)
I respect the decision to go with Eva Green as Vesper Lynd in the latest Bond iCasino Royale. The urge to go with some extreme sex pot must have been great, but Eva brings a bit of class and style to the part, on top of that she even brings a bit of sexiness. Just look at her, how can you deny those eyes? If you need further proof that Eva has what it takes, check out The Dreamers where she more than reveals what she has to offer.


 Eunice Gayson
(Dr. No)
Eunice pulled double Bond duty as the sex starved Sylvia Trench in both Dr. No and From Russia with Love, but unlike Maud Adams who will be seen again she is only getting credit for her part in Dr. No. Granted, she basically begs for it at the beginning of From Russia with Love, but when Bond is trying to do his work and she keeps bugging him that is uncalled for. However, in Dr. No, when she unexpectedly shows up in Bond's room wearing nothing but a dress shirt and practicing her putting... well, that fills the bill. Good on yah Sylvia


Lynn Holly-Johnson
(For Your Eyes Only)
Coming in at number 40 is not something Lynn should be concerned with, what she should be concerned with is hoping that she is not this annoying in real life. Starring as Bibi in For Your Eyes Only she manages to annoy the hell out of the audience at every opportunity available by either whining or just speaking.

I will give her kudos though for hoping right into James' bed and proclaiming she is not a virgin. Very classy Bibi, very classy... She is cute, but her nuisance level gives her the last spot on the list.


 Cassandra Harris
(For Your Eyes Only)
Starring Countess Lisl von Schlaf in 1981, 33-year-old Cassandra Harris avoids the last spot on the list only thanks to her unexpected nip slip as she seduces James by the fire. Now days I think Cassandra would have been far sexier, but her bitch move of getting a betting man to bet $1 million instead of $500k only to lose to Bond is inexcusable.

On a completely separate note it is worth mentioning that Cassandra is the late wife of Bond actor Pierce Brosnan. She was the unfortunate victim of ovarian cancer and died in 1991 still married to Pierce.


 Akiko Wakabayashi
(You Only Live Twice)
You Only Live Twice has to be the least sexy Bond film of them all. While Aki proved to be quite the guardian angel she was also a bit deceptive and secretive at times, this is a problem. When she bolted out of the car forcing James to chase her down only to have him fall through the ground was a real bitch move. However, since she seemed to always show up at the right time and wasn't shy with the massages she earns a pass and a spot at number 38.



 Gloria Hendry
(Live and Let Die)
I am a bit neutral on Gloria Hendry. Just looking at her you can see she has got one hell of a body, but her character did nothing for me. As Rosie Carver she played a double agent that worked for Live and Let Die baddie Dr. Kananga who uses voodoo to cover up his heroin business. Carver is quite scared of voodoo, which turns her into a paranoid mess and she eventually is killed by Kananga. Oh well.


 Izabella Scorupco
I'm not quite sure if I am not attracted to Izabella or if I grew so tired of saving Natalya's dumb ass on Nintendo 64's "GoldenEye" but she just doesn't make the grade. I also have to wonder, what's up with the normal name? Natalya Simonova? Eight syllables and no sexy factor make her a guaranteed bottom ringer.


 Luciana Paluzzi
You would think that any Bond girl willing to hop into the tub and have a little one-on-one conversation is a guaranteed top 25, but Luciana falls short. When she killed Bond's fellow agent, hottie Paula Caplan played by Martine Beswick, she immediately drops to the lower rung. She also isn't as sexy as that bath tub scene would lead you to believe.


 Diana Rigg
(On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
I suppose in terms of Bond lore Tracy Di Vicenzo, a.k.a. Tracy Bond, deserves a higher spot. In this case it did as I would have probably had her a couple notches lower had she not been Bond's late wife. Dying only minutes after their wedding in the only George Lazenby starring Bond, , was really a poor move on her part if she wanted to be higher on the list. Might I recommend not getting shot next time Tracy?


 Jill St. John
(Diamonds are Forever)
Check out her Cross Your Heart bra and that horrible wig! Yeah, now you know why Jill St. John lands at number 33 starring as Tiffany Case in Diamonds are Forever. The other reason she falls short is because she gets trumped thanks to a very short appearance by Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole. Sorry, if you are going to be the lead female in a Bond film you should try harder to not be outdone by a two minute role. You also need to beg for the name Plenty O'Toole, but more on that a little later.


 Tania Mallet
She means well, but why couldn't have Tilly Masterson died in the beginning of the film instead of her sister Jill? Shirley Eaton was gorgeous as Goldfinger's girlfriend, Jill Masterson, but when she turns up painted gold you only hope there is some saving grace. While Honor Blackman does add a lot as Pussy Galore, Tania Millet can't make up for the loss of Eaton. On top of that, what is she doing driving like an idiot, barking orders and almost killing Bond in an attempt to kill Goldfinger? At least go to the gun range for a couple of minutes and maybe a driving lesson is in order. No worries, Oddjob felt the same way and ended her existence.


 Carole Bouquet
(For Your Eyes Only)
As this list was made Carole fell time and time again. It's the eyes, they don't sparkle... they sag, and when they aren't sagging they are staring right through you. Even when Melina Havelock is getting ready for sexy time with James and delivers the classic line, "For your eyes only, darling..." and then drops her clothes you still don't get a rise. She is quite vicious with the cross bow and she saves James several times throughout the movie, but give me one more emotion other than hangover and you are sure to rise further up the list.











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