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007 Museum Fact Files - The Girls

The James Bond Girls have become as famous as Agent 007 himself. With exotic and far out names like Honey, Kissy, Pussy, Plenty, Tilly, Holly, Stacy, Tracy, Aki, Rosie, Bibi, Lupe, Magda, Pola, Kara, and Jinx – it’s no wonder!
Some good, some bad – but never ugly (on the outside anyway), the women who grace Bond’s adventures are as necessary to 007’s screen existence as his cars, gadgets, and guns – but not necessarily in that order! Some try to woo him while others try to do him (in), but all succumb to the Bond charm in the end.

Take a look at the files of just a few of the women who have graced the world of James Bond 007 and see for yourself.


FILM: Dr.No (1962)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Beachcomber located in Jamaica; makes a living selling seashells in Miami.


MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “I put a black widow under his mosquito net, a female, and they’re the worst. It took him a whole week to die.” “Did I do wrong?”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: Bond falls for Honey’s child-of-nature allure – plus the fact she looks great in a white bikini!


FILM: Goldfinger (1964)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Kept woman. Villain’s plaything (although she tells Bond she’s only paid to be seen with Goldfinger) and card cheat accomplice.

EMPLOYER: Auric Goldfinger.

MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “I’m beginning to like you Mr Bond – more than anyone I’ve met in a long time, James.”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: She looks great in a black bikini – and later in Bond’s pyjama top.


FILM: Goldfinger (1964)

Personal Pilot

EMPLOYER: Auric Goldfinger

MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “Do you want to play it easy – or the hard way?”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: She looks great in the hay (literally). Almost certainly looks pretty good in a bikini.


FILM: Thunderball (1965)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Kept woman. Villain's plaything.


(to Bond) "Promise me you'll kill Largo." (Fair enough - the villain's killed her brother after all!)

ATTRACTION FACTOR: She looks great in a black & white bikini. (Get it? Her name's Domino!)


FILM: Thunderball (1965)


EMPLOYER: SPECTRE (SPecial Executive or Counterintelligence Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) – Execution Branch

MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “James Bond, who only has to make love to a women and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. She repents and immediately returns to the side of right and virtue – but not this one! What a blow it must have been – you having a failure.”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: Looks great clad in black leather biker’s gear – unless of course you’re the driver of the car she’s about to incinerate with her rocket-firing motorbike!


TRACY BOND – nee Vincenzo

FILM: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Doesn’t need one – she’s a Countess!


MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “You’re very sure of yourself – aren’t you? Suppose I were to kill you for a thrill!”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: She’s loaded – she’s a Countess!


FILM: The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

Staff Intelligence – Hong Kong

EMPLOYER: British Secret Service

MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “Oh darling I’m tempted – but killing a few hours as one of your passing fancies isn’t quite my scene.”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: Looks great in all kinds of bikinis – and a baby doll nightie!


FILM: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Spy (Agent Triple X)


MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond, who has just been wounded) “Why don’t you lie down and let me look at it!”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: Looks great in and out of any number of uniforms.



FILM: Octopussy (1983)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Smuggler and Circus owner


MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “…and you are James Bond oo7 licence to kill! Am I to be you’re target for tonight?”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: Heads a large female group of international smugglers. Unfortunately she doesn’t live up to her name.



FILM: Licence To Kill (1989)



MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “It’s Ms Kennedy – and why can’t you be my executive secretary?”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: She handles a pump-action shotgun like no woman you’ve ever seen!



FILM: GoldenEye (1995)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Computer Programmer

EMPLOYER: Russian Government – ‘Goldeneye project’

MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “You think I’m impressed? All of you with your guns you’re killing you’re death – for what? So you can be a hero? All the heroes I know are dead.”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: Can tell the difference between a floppy or hard disk in the dark!


FILM: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)


EMPLOYER: Chinese People’s External Security Force

MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) “…it’s mostly dull routine of course, but every now and then, you get to sail on a beautiful evening like this – and sometimes work with a decadent agent of a corrupt Western power.”

ATTRACTION FACTOR: Martial Arts Expert. Petite powerhouse of a woman. Allows a man to lie back and think of England while she does all the work – beating the bad guys into submission!



FILM: Die Another Day (2002)



MOST MEMORABLE DIALOGUE: (to Bond) Ornithologist, huh? There’s a mouthful (looking south).
(to Bond, while tied up with deadly laser beams spinning randomly around her) James!! Turn them off!! Turn them off or I’ll be half the girl I used to be!!

ATRACTION FACTOR: Doesn’t beat about the bush! This lady casts from the hip and lands what she wants!! Deadly with a pistol and in unarmed combat – but drop-deadly gorgeous in an orange bikini!!!!

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