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Tiger 900 Bond Edition is painted with a distinctive Matt Sapphire Black scheme.

007™ and Bond Edition graphics enhance.

GMC Karlstad fick högsta kundnöjdhet av alla Triumph-handlare i Norden!
Som pris får vi äran att leverera den enda TIGER 900 BOND 007 EDITION som kommer till Norden, nr 241 av totalt 250st byggda.
Motorcykelns ägare blir faktiskt James Bond själv ( Gunnar James Bond Schäfer ) som har James Bond museet i Nybro. Passa på att komma förbi och se skönheten på Emmabodavägen 20 i Nybro i sommar.



The Tiger 900 Bond Edition is inspired by the incredible, category-dominating Tiger 900 Rally Pro, which features in

 amazing stunt sequences in the New James Bond Film, 
No Time To Die.

 Tiger 900 Bond Edition is painted with a distinctive Matt Sapphire Black scheme. Unique 007™ and Bond Edition graphics enhance t





Celebrating the partnership between two British icons, Triumph are pleased to announce a stunning new limited edition motorcycle inspired by the incredible Tiger 900 Rally Pro, which features in amazing stunt sequences in the forthcoming 25th James Bond Film, No Time To Die.

Just like the Bond films, Triumph Motorcycles brings a well-established and instantly recognisable British authenticity, fashioned and proven over time.

With a long and illustrious history in designing, developing, and manufacturing premium motorcycles with exceptional levels of performance, capability and handling, Triumph provided the James Bond stunt team with the perfect fit for the key action sequences in Bond’s latest outing, through the incredibly capable Tiger 900’s and Scrambler 1200’s.

Lee Morrison, No Time To Die stunt coordinator: “The Tiger 900 is the most confidence-inspiring bike, it allows you to really push the ride as far as you want, you can take as many liberties as you want; stand up sideways drifting in third gear, slow wheelie it, slide it Supermoto-style.  I honestly think it’s one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden, it’s fantastic.”

Limited Edition
Strictly limited to just 250 motorcycles, the new Tiger 900 Bond Edition celebrates the iconic British partnership between James Bond and Triumph.

Each of these stunning motorcycles are individually numbered and come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Desirable, Distinctive and Sophisticated

The Tiger 900 Bond Edition features a unique and eye-catching Matt Sapphire Black paint scheme and 007TM graphics, enhancing the bike’s stand-out look and premium style

 and making this a truly unique and desirable motorcycle.

Each motorcycle also comes with a premium, billet machined handlebar clamp, with the bike’s unique limited edition number.

Finally with the unique styling details, the Tiger 900 Bond Edition includes premium ‘blacked out’ detailing throughout. The frame, headlight finishers, side panels, sump guard, pillion footrest hangers, auxiliary lamp shrouds and engine guards all have a premium, black finish.

Premium detailing and equipment

Enhancing the Bond Edition theme, the new limited edition Tiger 900 features an exciting bespoke 007TM start up screen animation and heated rider and pillion seat, crafted

 with unique Bond Edition branding.

Along with all of the Tiger 900 Rally Pro’s category-dominating specification the new limited edition also comes with an additional pair of high performance Michelin Anakee Wild handbook approved off-road tyres (in addition to the factory fitted Bridgestone Battlax tyres), and a premium Arrow Silencer, which features a lightweight brushed stainless steel body, with a carbon end cap and strap.

Notes to Editors

The Partnership

The Triumph design workshop team collaborated with the No Time To Die stunt team to configure several feature motorcycles, including the special preparation of Tiger 900 and Scrambler 1200 models for extreme and dynamic action sequences.


Triumph Channels










Designed to set a new category benchmark for maximum adventure in every ride, Triumph’s new Tiger 900 is completely transformed with an all-new more responsive 900cc triple engine, an incredible standard of specification, new state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology, and an aggressive new Tiger style and attitude. On top of that, the new Tiger 900 range is now significantly lighter than previous Tiger models, making these the most capable, agile and dynamic middleweight adventure bikes available.

  • A new name for a whole new generation
    • Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro – Transformed for maximum off-road adventure, and road focused capability and comfort
    • Tiger 900 GT and GT Pro – Transformed for even more urban adventure, genuine long distance travel and everything in between
    • Tiger 900 – The new base road-focused Tiger, with a major step forward in capability and style
  • All-new more responsive 900cc Euro 5 compliant triple engine with
    innovative new configuration
    • Higher capacity new 900cc triple engine
    • 10% more torque than the Tiger 800 model, peaking at 87Nm at 7,250rpm
    • More power across the entire rev range, with 9% more in the mid-range
    • New unique 1,3,2 firing order for greater character and feel
    • Category-leading acceleration
    • More characterful and distinctive soundtrack
  • All-new benchmark-setting ride from a significantly lighter Adventure bike
    • New lightweight modular frame with bolt-on rear sub-frame and pillion hangers
    • New tailored high specification suspension set-up tuned for maximum road
      and off-road capability, with best-in-class electronic RSU (GT Pro only)
    • New category-leading top-specification Brembo Stylema® monobloc brakes
    • Large 20 litre fuel tank for advanced touring capability
  • All-new state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology
    • New class-leading 7” TFT instruments (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only)
    • New integrated My Triumph connectivity system (GT Pro & Rally Pro only)
    • New optimised cornering ABS and optimised cornering traction control, controlled by an Inertial Measurement Unit (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only)
    • Up to six riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport, Rider, Off-Road, Off-Road Pro
    • New Triumph Shift Assist, up and down quickshifter (GT Pro & Rally Pro only)
    • New all-LED lighting, with daytime running lights (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only)
    • New secure mobile phone storage with USB charging
  • All-new aggressive Tiger style with more dominant adventure-focused stance
    • The new benchmark for finish and detailing
    • New premium bodywork with new colours and graphics
  • Accessible and adaptable
    • A2 license capability via dealer-fit compliance kit (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only)
    • Dedicated Tiger 900 GT Low Ride Height version available with unique suspension and lower seat
    • 20mm adjustable seat height on all Tiger 900 models
  • 65+ dedicated Tiger 900 accessories, adding to your adventure
    • Accessories for added comfort, protection and capability, plus all-new luggage
    • Two new inspiration kits:
      • Trekker kit showcases the accessory options that add even greater touring capability
      • Expedition kit showcases the extensive off-road focused accessories available, including new rugged panniers


The world’s longest running adventure bike story

The Triumph Tiger has an incredibly rich history, with a bloodline of dedicated off-road models spanning the last 80+ years. Starting in 1936 with the first Tiger competition models, the Tiger name has played a significant role in establishing the adventure category – from racing, to rallies, and to the birth and boom in adventure travel.

Launched in 2010, the Tiger 800 established a leading position in the middleweight adventure segment with its neutral and precise handling, torque rich triple engine, and accessibility to all riders. And in January 2018, during the development programme for the new model, the ‘Tiger Tramontana’ gave viewers of the gruelling Pan-Africa rally a very early hint of the aggressive new styling and poise of the new Tiger 900.


All-new more powerful and responsive 900cc Euro 5 compliant triple engine with innovative new configuration

The all-new higher capacity and higher performance 900cc engine is now fully Euro 5 compliant, and has a new unique 1,3,2 firing order for greater character and feel. The result is improved intake noise under load, more feedback from the engine to the rider, an incredibly distinctive engine sound, and improved tractability and throttle feel, pulling harder, lower down. The result of that is a much closer association to the throttle character, sound and feel of a twin lower down, whilst maintaining all the torque, feel and delivery in the mid-range and top-end of a triple.

The new engine delivers a massive 10% more peak torque than the previous Tiger 800 models, now 87Nm at 7,250rpm, with improved torque low down and across the rev range. Power is also up across the entire rev range, with 9% more in the mid-range, and 95PS peak power at 8,750rpm.

Combined, this delivers more responsive acceleration, with 0-60mph, 0-110mph and 6th gear roll on times all significantly beating the previous generation model and the closest competition. Additionally, it gives the new Tiger 900 a much more aggressive, raspy and engaging triple soundtrack.

An all-new twin radiator set up is mass optimised with a reduced coolant volume. This improves cooling performance, and reduces the ambient heat felt by the rider. The new radiator style enhances the new models’ more striking adventure bike stance and poise. Its shape and position enable a further forward engine position, resulting in a more optimised centre of gravity (40mm forward and 20mm lower). This improves weight distribution for better handling and low speed balance, whilst other improvements to the sump and cooling system ensure it has no impact on ground clearance.

There’s also an all-new air box with a more easily accessible new air filter, plus a slip and assist clutch for added rider comfort.


Significantly lighter, all-new benchmark-setting chassis

Now up to 5kg lighter than the previous generation model, the new generation 900 delivers the most commanding and agile Tiger ride ever. The new steel trellis frame is not only lighter, but now has a modular construction, with bolt-on aluminium rear sub-frame and bolt-on pillion hangers, delivering the most adventure-centric set-up ever for off-road focused riding.

There is a very high specification of suspension across the new 900 range with premium Marzocchi or Showa components tailored to deliver the ultimate capability for the benchmark-setting new middleweight adventure bikes.

Front 45mm USD cartridge forks
Non adjustable
180mm wheel travel
45mm USD cartridge forks
Manual adjustment of compression & rebound damping
180mm wheel travel
45mm USD cartridge forks
Manual adjustment of compression & rebound damping
180mm wheel travel
45mm USD cartridge forks
Manual adjustment of preload, rebound & compression damping
240mm wheel travel
Rear Gas pressurised RSU Manual preload adjustment
170mm wheel travel
Gas pressurised RSU Manual preload adjustment & rebound damping adjustment
170mm wheel travel
(151mm LRH version)
Gas pressurised RSU, electronically adjustable for preload & rebound damping
170mm wheel travel
Gas pressurised RSU, adjustable for preload & rebound damping
230mm wheel travel


For maximum rider convenience and comfort, the GT Pro model features segment-leading electronically adjustable rear suspension, allowing the rider to adjust the rear preload and damping settings via a dedicated menu in the TFT instruments. Riders can select from nine levels of damping control, ranging from Comfort (softest) to Sport (firmest), and four preload set-ups.

All of the new Tiger 900 models now feature category-leading Brembo Stylema® brakes for superior stopping power. These are lightweight, compact, carefully sculpted and high performing calipers, with reduced volume around the pistons and brake pads, reducing the internal space occupied by brake fluid, delivering a more immediate braking response. Increased airflow around the brake pads also helps the calipers to cool quicker.

This combination of new lightweight modular frame, new lighter weight engine, high specification suspension and premium Brembo brakes delivers a step change in agility and capability, ensuring exceptional handling in all riding scenarios.

Long distance travel has been improved on the new Tiger 900 range, with a new larger 20 litre fuel tank and new adjustable screen, delivering superior wind protection with a simple single-handed adjustment.

Ergonomics are also improved for the new models, optimised for rider comfort when touring, off-roading and anything in between. The seat width is narrower, and the handlebars are 10mm closer, giving a more comfortable upright riding position, and a greater level of rider control when static and on the move. Additionally, each model has a dedicated and unique footrest position to suit the expected style of riding, and a built-in easily adjustable two-position seat height mechanism. This enables the rider to change the seat height by 20mm to their preferred set-up.


All-new state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology

The new Tiger 900 range features a significant step forward in its ride-enhancing technology, with state-of-the-art features including:

  • New class-leading 7” TFT instruments (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – Featuring dedicated Tiger start-up logos, the new larger TFT instruments present rider information in four different styles with complete clarity. There are also four different colour options to choose from and high/low contrast versions for excellent visibility in all lights. The 7” TFT screen is now bonded to the glass for a crisper image, with no reflective layer. (The base Tiger 900 model features 5” TFT high contrast instruments)
  • New My Triumph connectivity system and app (GT Pro & Rally Pro only) – With TFT instrument styles designed specifically for connectivity, the integrated My Triumph connectivity system and app seamlessly enable phone call and music operation, turn-by-turn navigation, and GoPro control – all accessed via the switch cubes and displayed on the 7” TFT screen. (The My Triumph connectivity system is available as an accessory option on the GT and Rally models, including a dedicated Bluetooth® connectivity module)
  • New optimised cornering ABS and traction control, with IMU (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – New optimised cornering ABS and optimised cornering traction control comes as standard on the mid and top spec new Tiger 900s, and is enabled via an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) developed in conjunction with Continental. This supports the automatic selection of the appropriate level of ABS and traction control intervention by constantly measuring roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration rates, in order to calculate the lean angle. This fully integrated technology system ensures greater riding stability at all times.
  • Up to six riding modes – Riding modes adjust throttle response, ABS and traction control settings for maximum rider control in all riding conditions. The new anti-stall feature on the Off-Road and Off-Road Pro modes automatically increases the idle revs to prevent stalling. The Off-Road Pro riding mode, exclusive to the Rally Pro model, is Triumph’s most extreme off-road set-up for advanced off-road adventure, with ABS and traction control turned off, and an off-road throttle map.~
    Tiger 900 Rally Pro: Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road, Rider-configurable & Off-Road Pro
    Tiger 900 GT Pro: Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road & Rider-configurable
    Tiger 900 Rally & Tiger 900 GT: Rain, Road, Sport & Off-Road
    Tiger 900: Rain & Road
  • New all-LED lighting, with daytime running lights (DRL*) – The headlight, tail light and indicators* on all the new GT and Rally Tiger 900 models are now LED powered for maintenance-free active safety. In applicable markets, the headlight features Triumph’s signature shape DRL* for enhanced visibility in all lights. The GT Pro and Rally Pro models also feature LED auxiliary fog lights for additional long distance capability. (*market specific)

  • New Triumph Shift Assist, up and down quickshifter (GT Pro & Rally Pro only) – Enabling smooth, comfortable clutch-less up and down gear changes whilst maintaining the accelerator position, the Triumph Shift Assist reduces rider fatigue and improves the ride. (Available as an accessory on the base and mid-spec Tiger 900 models)
  • New secure mobile phone storage and USB charging (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – A secure compartment under the seat houses a handy 5V USB power socket to enable uninterrupted use of the My Triumph connectivity system.
  • Highest level of standard technology specification (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – Fitted as standard for maximum rider comfort and convenience, the mid and top spec Tiger 900 models feature illuminated switches with a 5-way joystick, electronic cruise control and heated grips.
  • Fully loaded GT Pro and Rally Pro technology – Exclusive to the top spec Tiger 900 models are the unique-in-segment heated seats (with separate pillion control) and the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).


All-new aggressive Tiger style with more dominant adventure-focused stance

All-new aggressive styling, re-designed smaller-scale bodywork, revised finishes and cleaner lines give the new Tiger 900 a more distinctive and dominant adventure stance. This is supported by the narrow stand over width, the visually lighter front end and the dominant fuel tank design and size.

The all-new bodywork has a more focused and aggressive adventure style, and includes fuel tank, tank end panel, high mudguard, seat panel, radiator cowl and radiator duct exit. The finish and detailing is also improved to its highest ever level, making the Tiger 900 the new benchmark for quality.

Colour Options

  • Tiger 900 Rally & Rally Pro: Matt Khaki, Sapphire Black and Pure White, all featuring contemporary new decals and a distinctive white frame inspired by the ‘Tiger Tramontana’ rally bike
  • Tiger 900 GT & GT Pro: Korosi Red, Sapphire Black and Pure White, all featuring premium tank badges and contemporary new decals
  • Tiger 900: Pure White


Accessible and adaptable

Making the new Tiger 900 even more accessible to more riders, the mid and top spec models have a dealer-fit A2 license compliance kit available, which incorporates a dedicated APS twist grip and engine tune. Full power can be easily reinstated by the dealer once the rider has achieved their full license.

The Tiger 900 GT is also available in a dedicated Low Ride Height variant, which is 50mm lower than the standard GT model, achieved by a dedicated suspension set-up and a lower seat. This variant also features the built-in additional seat height adjustment of 20mm, giving a seat height of 760 – 780mm.


65+ dedicated new accessories, adding to your adventure

A range of over 65 genuine Triumph accessories are available for the new Tiger 900 models, all designed alongside the bikes themselves to ensure seamless integration, and the same exacting standards of manufacturing quality and finish. There are two new luggage ranges created in partnership with Givi – the Trekker side-opening panniers with 52 litre twin helmet top box, and the Expedition top-opening panniers, with matching 42 litre top box. Plus there are accessories for added comfort, protection, capability, style and security.

Two new inspiration kits deliver a complete package of accessories designed to suit different riding needs, which can be used as inspiration for riders to create their own perfect bike.

The fully loaded ‘Trekker’ inspiration kit showcases the Tiger’s even greater touring capability with the Trekker panniers with powder coated mild steel mounting kit, Trekker top box and backrest, the sliding carriage kit, tank pad and screen deflector.

Alternatively, the ‘Expedition’ inspiration kit showcases the more overt off-road focused accessories available with the Expedition panniers and stainless steel mounting kit, 40 litre roll bag, headlight guard, fork protectors, aluminium radiator guard, upper engine bars and LED fog lights.


A new name for a new benchmark, the new 2020 Tiger 900 line-up delivers a quantum leap forward in capability, with a major transformation to attitude, poise and style. This versatile and agile range sets a new category benchmark for maximum adventure in every single ride.













Engine Type

Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder


888 cc

Bore Stroke

78 x 61.9 mm



Max Power

95.2 PS / 93.9 bhp (70 kW) @ 8,750 rpm

Max Torque

87 Nm @ 7,250 rpm


Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection


Stainless steel 3 into 1 header system, side mounted stainless steel silencer

Final Drive

O-ring chain


Wet, multi-plate


6 speed


Tubular steel frame, bolt on sub frame


Twin-sided, cast aluminium alloy

Front Wheel

Cast alloy, 19 x 2.5 in 

Spoked Tubeless, 21 x 2.15 in

Rear Wheel

Cast alloy, 17 x 4.25 in

Spoked Tubeless, 17 x 4.25 in

Front Tyre



Rear Tyre



Front Suspension

Marzocchi 45mm upside down forks, non-adjustable

Marzocchi 45mm upside down forks, manual rebound and compression damping adjustment, 180mm travel

(140mm GT LRH)

Showa 45mm upside down forks, manual preload, rebound damping and compression damping adjustment, 240mm travel

Rear Suspension

Marzocchi rear suspension unit, manual preload adjustment, 170mm rear wheel travel

Marzocchi rear suspension unit, manual preload and rebound damping adjustment, 170mm wheel travel (151mm LRH)

Marzocchi rear suspension unit, electronically adjustable preload and rebound damping, 170mm wheel travel

Showa rear suspension unit, manual preload and rebound damping adjustment, 230mm wheel travel


Front Brake

Twin 320mm floating discs, Brembo Stylema 4 piston Monobloc calipers. Radial front master cylinder, ABS

Twin 320mm floating discs, Brembo Stylema 4 piston Monobloc calipers. Radial front master cylinder, Optimised Cornering ABS


Twin 320mm floating discs, Brembo Stylema 4 piston Monobloc calipers. Radial front master cylinder, Optimised Cornering ABS


Rear Brake

Single 255mm disc. Brembo single piston sliding caliper, ABS

Single 255mm disc.

Brembo single piston sliding caliper.

Optimised cornering ABS.

Single 255mm disc.

Brembo single piston sliding caliper.

Optimised cornering ABS

Width Handlebars







(Without Mirrors)



(1385-1435 mm LRH)




Seat Height



(760-780mm LRH)







(1545mm LRH)





24.6 º

24.6 º

(24.1 º LRH)

24.6 º

24.4 º

24.4 º




(130.0mm LRH)




Dry Weight

192 kg

194 kg

(193 kg LRH)

198 kg

196 kg

201 kg

Tank Capacity

20 L

20 L

20 L

20 L

20 L

Fuel Consumption

5.2l/100 km (55.4 MPG)

CO2 Emissions

EURO 5 Standard: 119 g/km

CO2 and fuel consumption are measured according to regulation 168/2013/EC.  Figures on fuel consumption are derived from specific test conditions and are for comparative purposes only. They may not reflect real driving results.