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James_Bond_Fadersgestalt.jpg (75206 bytes) James Bond "A Fathers Figure" Author: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer Johannes_Schaefer.jpg (526533 bytes)
James Bond "A Fathers Figure""
Author: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer


Hello, dear readers!

What is the book about, why I have written it? I tell about my life, how I grew up, what problems, setbacks and disappointments I have had to contend with. I tell how I found ways to move forward and not go under. I tell how I started collecting James Bond. A collection which became more extensive over the years and that made me realize that I could create something that did not exist in the world, a James Bond Museum.

Why James Bond?

Why was it just the famous agent, James Bond? Why do I have step by step even gone so far that I almost replaced my real biological identity, Gunnar Schäfer, with a Bond-like, now in the last year and even changed my name to James Bond Gunnar Schäfer? They say about me that I am the man who became James Bond.

Fleming's son

James Bond's "father", the author who created Bond was an English class son of Ian Fleming. The fact that I had taken the shape of James Bond Ian Fleming has been my dad. A father in compensation for my biological one day when I was quite small, just disappeared without a trace.

My father
(Johannes Schäfer) was a German citizen. He fled to Sweden after the Second World War. He married my mother, and was with her three children when I was two years old came disaster, dad just disappeared. My search for him has so far been unsuccessful.

In the absence of facts, I have created myself a fantasy picture of Dad. A picture, a father figure to tie up their identity, most people have. In my imagination grew slowly until a picture of a dad as been an outstanding agent and when the war was over, fled an uncertain future.

Perhaps he had been a good German James Bond? 
It was probably what I have long hoped and is something I have in my research is still hope.
Hope will become reality one day when I see Dad again. I also hope that others who have had difficulties in life that I can learn from my destiny and my way of survival.

Can it be so, the book's genesis in many ways become meaningful.

March 2008, Goldeneye,
Nr.10 Spikgatan, Kalmar

James Bond Gunnar Schäfer.

The book is of 172 pages with photos.
Johannes Schäfer dad to Gunnar Bond James Schäfer Johannes Schäfer dad to James Bond


Chapter 1 Introduction

It is an ordinary weekday morning in August. From Kalmar draws a
light morning breeze in the central Kalmar. 
The stream of cars, which at the
major intersecting roads Esplanade and North the way for the people to their jobs Kvarnholmen, thickens. In the southwestern corner of the block traffic intersection at Spikgatan. 

There are a number of well-preserved houses
from the past in the narrow Spikgatan. One of the houses is a red wooden house built
in 1800 on three floors. S pikgatan 10 it says on the license plate. But the wall is also another sign. In the stands the somewhat unexpected name"GOLDENYE", written in gold.

Out of the red house, a man will. He is 50 years of age and
about the average height. He is slender, moving quickly and smoothly as only
a fit 50-year-old does. Squeezed into a corner on the narrow courtyard
is a garage. The man walks up to the garage, open up and go inside.
In there you can see a sports car in orange metallic table. When the car comes out
from underground obscurity we see that it is a BMW Z3.

But color is not the first thing you think about. It is instead
number plate. On it are not the usual combination, three
letters plus three digits. It says rather than also the word 'Goldeneye'.
Both the house and garage is also a sign that read "007". It raises no attention in the nearby houses where the man
takes off with his classy sports car. 

His neighbors know him long, and they just say that now go "James Bond" to their combined
carstore and James Bond Museum in Nybro. Yes, and they also know that he real name is Gunnar Schäfer. Well, anyway. 
Now is his certain Eurobond
true, too. On the license and other identification documents, it is now
Nils Gunnar Bond James Schäfer.

Who is he, he Gunnar? Why does everything in his life, from party to
everyday life, marked by interest in the Bond figure, an interest that almost
the nature of obsession? It is to reveal the secret of Gunnar,
his background, what drives him and where he wants to come, as he
has written this book about himself.

Paper on "The man who became James Bond."

Chapter 1

James_Bond_Fadersgestalt.jpg (75206 bytes)

Omfattning 159 s. : ill.
Anmärkning Av Gunnar Bond James Schäfer
Ämnesord Schäfer, Gunnar Bond James
Kriminalfilm -- Stobritannien -- 1945-
Kriminalfilm -- Förenta staterna -- 1945-
Klassning Lz Schäfer, Gunnar Bond James
ISBN/ISSN 978-91-633-3328-6 (inb.)

James Bond : "En Fadersgestalt" : 
n självbiografisk berättelse om Gunnar Bond James Schäfer, 
mannen som blev James Bond]

Schäfer, Gunnar Bond James, 1957- (Författare)

ISBN 9789163333286 (inb.)
Kalmar : Gunnar Bond James Schäfer, 2008
159 s. : ill. ; 22 cm 
Schäfer, Gunnar Bond James, 1957-
Biografi: särskilda personer
2000 böcker tryckta

"JAMES BOND EN FADERSGESTALT"  Så heter boken och jag fanns på bokmässan i Göteborg 25-28 september för att signera den. Författare:  James Bond

James Bond "A Father Figure"
Author: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer
James Bond: "A Father Figure":
[an autobiographical tale of Gunnar Bond James S
chäfer, "The man who became James Bond] Schäfer, Gunnar Bond James, 1957 - (Author)
ISBN 9789163333286 (inb.)
Kalmar: Gunnar Bond James Schäfer, 2008
159 p.: ill , 22 cm
German shepherd, Gunnar Bond James, 1957 -
Biography: Special people

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Paper: JAMES BOND "A Father Figure"
Author: Gunnar Bond James Schäfer
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JAMES BOND "EN FADERSGESTALT"  Författare:  Gunnar Bond James Schäfer

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Gunnar i Kalmar är James Bond


Johannes Schäfer born 1911-03-28 and  Ian Fleming 1908-05-28.
100 year 2011 28 mars Johannes Schäfer.





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