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 Pierce Brosnan and Izabella Scorupco from Goldeneye with bikini  Izabella Scorupco  Bikini Natalya Simonova GoldenEye (1995)   The James Bond Museum Sweden etype_bond.jpg (376999 bytes) GoldenEye countdown number   One of the actual components of the countdown number used on the set at Leavesden for the  1995 Pierce Brosnan James Bond film GoldenEye.  (COA supplied)

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GOLDENEYE 1995 - JAMES BOND Pierce Brosnan BMW Z3 from Goldeneye   
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BMW Z3 in Goldeneye

Before commencing his recent mission to stop the Double-0 agent turned traitor, Alec Trevelyan, from using the Goldeneye Weapons System, James Bond made his by now traditional stop at the laboratory run by Major Boothroyd - "Q". The ill-tempered gadget master has over the years equipped Bond with a wide variety of distinguished, state of the art, automobiles, for Goldeneye it was to be no different. Months before it's release to the general public BMW had provided EON productions with an example of the new roadster that they were readying for production, this exclusivity alone guaranteed that the roadster would generate interest wherever it was driven. The 1996 BMW z3 Roadster was handed over to Bond by Q, however as one would expect Q had modified the roadster to meet his own high standards:

  • One of the options not available to the general public Q introduces the new BMW z3 Roadster see trailer
    • Stinger Missiles behind the headlights.
    • Ejector Seat.
    • Emergency Parachute Braking System 
    • All-points Radar

The sleek lined convertible would primarily be a pleasure tool for Bond during this mission, with the elegant lines and handsome body styling fitting Bond's style perfectly. Unfortunately the Roadster saw very little action during the film. It was used in the Carribean to deliver Bond and Natalya to a small plane which would be their transport into Cuba to destroy Trevalyan's Secret Headquarters. Bond is seen to releuctantly hand over the keys to his CIA contact - Jack Wade - who made a rather insincere promise not to have too much fun with it. After a reminder not to touch any buttons, the roadster exits it's brief Bond film tenure.
As previously mentioned the roadster featured in the film months before it's official release to the general public, the model used was a 1.9 litre Roadster finished in Atlanta Blue with a Beige Interior, the original now resides in the exhibition area of The James Bond 007 Museum in Nybro Sweden..

BMW z3 Roadster 1.9 Litre on set during the filming of Goldeneye Brosnan on set with the 1996 BMW z3 Roadster
BMW Z3 Roadster 1.8 Litre on set during the filming of Goldeneye. Brosnan on set with the 1995 BMW Z3 Roadster.

A limited run of "Bond Edition" models was produced which sold out within hours of the release, with each carrying a numbered plaque testifying to their authenticity, these examples are now sought after collectibles in their own right.

This was the first occasion when BMW and EON partnered with regard to the vehicles issued to or used by Bond in the films; in Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond was seen to drive a BMW 750il, and whilst in Vietnam, he appropriated a BMW R1200 Cruiser Motorcycle. In The World Is Not Enough, the chosen vehicle was the z8 Roadster, again seen on screen prior to it's release to the general public, like the z3 Roadster almost 4 years before, the z8 was a closely guarded secret whilst on set.

  BMW Z 3 Eqipment inside the  Stinger Missiles behind the headlights. Ejector Seat. Emergency Parachute Braking System    All-points Radar
BMW Z 3 Eqipment inside the Stinger Missiles behind the headlights. Ejector Seat. Emergency Parachute Braking System All-points Radar 
Goldeneyehotel at JAMAICA Goldeneye, Jamaica

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BMW  Z3  GOLDENEYE  007  MUSEUM.  James Bond alias Gunnar Schäfer.... James Bond alias Gunnar Schäfer...      

 Gunnar Schäfer  James Bond alias Gunnar Schäfer  Gunnar Schäfer Z3  James Bond alias Gunnar Schäfer   

Modell: BMW Z3  Coupe` (1995)  

Årsmodell: 1995
Mätarställning: 800 mil
Färg: Atalanta blåmetallic 
Karosseri: Sportkupé
Pris: Ej till salu!
Info: ACC/klimatanläggning, ABS bromsar,
Airbag förare & passagerare, Sidoairbag, Antisladdsystem,
Fjärrstyrt c-lås, Elhissar, Elspeglar, Elstolar, Farthållare,
Färddator, Larm, LM-fälgar, , Multifunktionsratt, Regnsensor, Servostyrning, CD-stereo, Stolvärme fram, Yttertemperaturmätare,  Tyg klädsel ljusblå, silverpanel,

  • The Z3 was the first BMW to be manufactured outside Germany

  • September 20 - 1995 : The first Z3 roadster comes off the line During the seven years the Z3 and M Roadsters were in production, 298.735 were handcrafted and distributed to more than 120 countries. The Z3s were built exclusively at the Upstate South Carolina factory for worldwide distribution.

  • October 28 - 1997 : 100,000th roadster


The special features on the BMW Z3 are unfortunately not really used in the film:
- Bullet proof
- Stinger missiles behind the headlights
- All-points radar system with display
- Self-destruct system
- Emergency parachute braking system

A  rare Limited Edition of this model was made available by Nieman Marcus. The car featured a commemorative "Specially Equipped 007" dash plaque, 007 floor mats, a beige interior and of course the "Bond Blue-Gray" (Atlanta-306) color.


Z3 1.8/1.8S 1995-98(M43)/98-(M44) Z3 1.9 1997 - 1999
Cylinders/Valves 4/8(M43) / 4/16(M44) Cylinders/Valves 4/16
Max power 115hp(M43)/118hp(M44) Max power 140hp
Top Speed 194km/h(M43) / 196km/h(M44) Top Speed 205km/h
0-100km/h 10.5s(M43) / 10.4(M44) 0-100km/h 9.1s
Z3 2.0/2.0S- 1999 Z3 2.2
ENGINE M52 ENGINE M54 2171cc
Cylinders/Valves 6/24 Cylinders/Valves 6/24
Max power 150hp Max power 170hp
Top Speed 210 km/h Top Speed 222 km/h

Z3 2.3 (2.500 L )

ENGINE DOHC 0-60 mph 6.9 seconds
Max power 245.4 Nm @ 3500 RPM Max power 170 HP @ 5500 RPM
Top Speed 222 km/h Engine control system Siemens MS42
Z3 2.8 - 1997 Z3 3.0
ENGINE M52 ENGINE 3.0 - 2979 cm3
Cylinders/Valves 6/24 Torque 300 Nm 3500 rpm
Max power 192hp Max power 231hp
Top Speed 218km/h Top Speed 240 km/h
0-100km/h 7.1s 0-100km/h 6.0s

Z3 M Roadster - Z3 Coupe

ENGINE 6 cyl - 3201 cc Wheelbase 2.459
Max power 321 bhp@7400 rpm Vehicle length 4.025
Torque 380 Nm @3250 rpm Vehicle width 1.740
Top Speed 250 kmh(160 mph) Vehicle height 1.266
0-60 mph 5.4 sec Front 225/45 ZR17 Rear 245/40 ZR17
Weight 1425 kg (3000 lb) Wheel front 7.5*17 Wheel rear 9*17



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