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Nikki van der Zyl voice of Bondgirl Ursula Andress and Shirley Eaton
 Voice of the Bond Girls The First Lady of Bond

The unknown Bond girl!

Bond girl Nikki van der Zyl, has been the voice of some of the most sultry Bond girls from Ursula Andress to Shirley Eaton.

And when Shirley Eaton played Jill Masterson, murdered by being coated in gold in 1964's 'Goldfinger', it was also Zyl's voice cinemagoers heard.

Unknown to millions of James Bond fans, Nikki van der Zyl, was the voice behind the seductive utterances of many of the super-spy's most glamorous conquests.

So when Ursula Andress emerged from the sea as Honey Ryder in a white bikini in 'Dr No', the first Bond movie in 1962, it was Zyl who spoke her lines, the Daily Mail reported.

In fact, 'revoice' artist Zyl, 77, has spoken for Bond girls Eunice Gayson (Sylvia Trench in 1963's 'From Russia with Love'), Nadja Regin (Bonita in 'Goldfinger'), Claudine Auger (Domino Derval in 1965's 'Thunderball'), Mie Hama (Kissy Suzuki in 1967's 'You Only Live Twice') and Francoise Therry (Chew Mee in 1974's 'The Man with the Golden Gun').

She even partly revoiced Jane Seymour (Solitaire in 1973's 'Live and Let Die') and many other smaller roles.

She revealed that Andress had "a strong Swiss-German accent" that producers feared would not be understood by US audiences.

Of Eaton, she said she realised immediately why she was nicknamed "the Cockney bombshell".

However, despite her contribution, working on all but one Bond film from Dr No in 1962 through to Moonraker in 1979, she had never been given a film credit and receives no royalties.

Now she says she has been banned from attending events marking a half century of 007 films because her presence might embarrass Eaton.

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of 'Dr No' and a number of events are being held to mark the occasion.

But Zyl said she has been barred from the celebrations and has had her name removed from an official Bond website.

She claimed the dispute started over an event in London today celebrating 'Goldfinger'.

The organisers of 'Goldfinger Day' withdrew an invitation to her, saying that Eaton had "been difficult" about her attending.

Dr. No 1962 Revoiced Ursula Andress (as Honey Ryder), Eunice Gayson (as Sylvia Trench) and all female voices, except Moneypenny, Miss Taro and a Chinese woman.
From Russia with Love 1963 Revoiced Eunice Gayson (as Sylvia Trench) and others.
Goldfinger 1964 Revoiced Shirley Eaton (as Jill Masterson).
Voice coach to Gert Frobe and on set throughout filming.
Thunderball 1965 Revoiced Claudine Auger (as Dominique 'Domino' Derval)
You Only Live Twice 1967 Revoiced Kissy, the girl Bond marries in the film.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969 Revoiced Virginia North (Olympe) and various others.
Diamonds Are Forever 1979 Revoiced various females.
Live and Let Die 1973 Revoiced Jane Seymour (part).
Man With the Golden Gun 1974 Revoiced Chew Mee and various others.
Moonraker 1979 Revoiced various females.

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For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Bongirls by Nikki Van Der Zyl 
Many thanks Nikki for the book to The James Bond Museum Nybro Sweden

For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Stars by Nikki Van Der Zyl   For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Stars by Nikki Van Der Zyl For Your Ears Only is the intriguing and insightful new memoir by Nikki van der Zyl – the unseen revoicing artiste that dubbed all the female lead characters in some of the most famous and well-loved James Bond films including From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, and Dr No.

Nikki’s incredible career saw her become an integral yet invisible element of the James Bond franchise and has afforded her cult status among 007 enthusiasts, while also securing her a loyal fan base around the world. But this tell-all account of her life sheds light on some of the hardships she encountered as a child refugee and the harrowing account of how she is still denied access to her grandchildren. In addition, Nikki worked as a barrister, journalist and lobby correspondent for the House of Commons.

For Your Ears Only is the perfect read for Bond fans, and film fanatics everywhere, but also those interested in journalism, law and politics.


 For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Stars by Nikki Van Der Zyl

Almost everyone remembers the iconic scene in the first Bond film, Dr. No, where actress Ursula Andress emerges from the sea as Honey Ryder singing 'Underneath the Mango Tree'. But very few people realise that the character's sexy voice - heard throughout the film - was actually that of Nikki van der Zyl. Apart from Lois Maxwell who played Miss Moneypenny, Nikki was involved in more Bond films than any other actress. For Your Ears Only is the remarkable story of a multi-talented actress who never received the acclaim she deserved. As a child, Nikki fled Nazi Germany to start a new life in England. This was the start of many twists and turns in Nikki's personal life, including several traumatic years in the high court, fighting to stop her children being taken from her, assisting the High Court Judge as a barrister in the famous Baader-Meinhof terrorist case, and having regular access to 10 Downing Street as a lobby correspondent. In this fascinating autobiography, Nikki spills the beans on one of the best kept secrets in the film industry and tells how she provided the female voices in numerous films from Bond to One Million Years BC.

Mr James Bond

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Thanks to Indepenpress Publishing LTD for the book.

Nikki van der Zyl – Voice of the Bond Girls
The definitive listing of the actresses revoiced by Nikki van der Zyl in the James Bond films

Year Film Actress Character
1962 Dr. No Ursula Andress Honey Ryder (entire vocal and singing performance)
    Eunice Gayson Sylvia Trench (entire vocal performance)
    Delores Keator Mary (entire vocal performance)
1963 From Russia With Love Eunice Gayson Sylvia Trench (entire vocal performance)
1964 Goldfinger Nadja Regin Bonita (entire vocal performance)
    Shirley Eaton Jill Masterson (entire vocal performance)
1965 Thunderball Claudine Auger Domino (entire vocal performance)
1967 You Only Live Twice Mie Hama Kissy (entire vocal performance)
1969 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Virginia North Olympe (entire vocal performance)
1971 Diamonds Are Forever Denise Perrier Marie (entire vocal performance)
1973 Live And Let Die Jane Seymour Solitaire (part vocal performance)
1974 The Man With The Golden Gun Francoise Therry Chew Mee (entire vocal performance)
1979 Moonraker Corinne Cléry Corinne Dufour (part vocal performance)

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