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Spirits, women and cigarettes took the life of James Bond

The English monthly magazine Men's Health sounded in early 1997 doctors and psychologists studying James Bond, his life and times .

The result was alarming : James Bond is dead or dying , paranoid, impotent and an alcoholic. Psychologist Mike Berry has done a psychological profile with a background in that Bond was orphaned at age 11 ( parents died in a mountaineering accident) , lost her virginity in a brothel in Paris at 16 and killed his first mistress , Madame Martha Debrandt , the following year. Berry is harsh in his assessment : " Bond is an emotionally stunted psychopath of type A that suffers from post -traumatic stress. " " The disruption was a fact already in childhood ," adds Professor Bruce Pitt in.

Bond's daily alcohol consumption - a vodka martini, a cocktail, whiskey , white wine and bourbon - has meant that he was no longer able to do his job in the Secret Service . The liquor should also have led to " cool lynnesutbrott and a shrinking of the genitals ."

Alcohol has also damaged his liver so that it is unable to break down estrogen, the female hormone . Bond starting to get breasts and have become impotent.

His sexual excesses also makes him " a sample of sexually transmitted diseases ." Then we still have not mentioned Bonds comprehensive smoking!
It was, therefore, neither Dr . No , Goldfinger or Blofeld who was killing James Bond, but his own habits ! So it can go .

Det engelska månadsmagasinet Men's Health lät i början av 1997 läkare och psykologer studera James Bond, hans liv och leverne. Were James Bond’s drinks shaken because of alcohol induced tremor?

Resultatet blev alarmerande: James  Bond är död eller döende, paranoid, impotent och alkoholiserad.

Psykologen Mike Berry har gjort en psykologisk profil med bakgrund i att Bond blev föräldralös vid 11 års ålder (föräldrarna omkom i en bergsklättringsolycka), förlorade oskulden på en bordell i Paris vid 16 och dödade sin första älskarinna, madame Martha Debrandt, året därpå. Berry är hård i sin bedömning: "Bond är en känslomässigt hämmad psykopat av typen A som lider av posttraumatisk stress." "Störningarna var ett faktum redan i barndomen", fyller professor Bruce Pitt i.

Bonds dagliga alkoholkonsumtion - en vodka martini, en cocktail, whisky, vitt vin och bourbon - har medfört att han inte längre klarar av att sköta sitt jobb i Secret Service. Spriten bör också ha lett till "häftiga lynnesutbrott och ett krympande av könsorganen".

Alkoholen har dessutom skadat hans lever så att den inte klarar av att bryta ned östrogen, det kvinnliga könshormonet. Bond börjar få bröst och har dessutom blivit impotent.
Hans sexuella utsvävningar gör honom också till "en provkarta på sexuellt överförbara sjukdomar". Då har vi ändå inte nämnt Bonds omfattande rökning! Det blev alltså varken Dr. No, Goldfinger eller Blofeld som tog död på James Bond, utan hans egna levnadsvanor! Så kan det gå.  

Novel Statistics

“I take a ridiculous pleasure in what I eat and drink.”
—James Bond

This section takes an in-depth look at the literary James Bond’s drinks of choice. Here is the total number of drinks consumed by Commander Bond in Ian Fleming's novels and short stories:

Drink Type Number
Bourbon whiskey 37
Sake 35
Champagne 30
Scotch and soda 21
Vodka martini 19
Straight scotch 17
Gin martini 16
Undetermined 14
Beer 12
Brandy and soda/ginger ale 12
Red wine/Chianti 11
Bourbon and branch water 10
Brandy or Cognac 8
Vodka and tonic 8
Bourbon and soda 7
Gin and tonic 7
White wine 7
Americano 6
Raki 5
Undetermined martini 5
Old Fashioned 4
Enzian 3
Stinger 3
Canadian whiskey 2
Korn Schnapps 2
Ouzo 2
Straight vodka 2
Undetermined whiskey 2
Black Velvet 1
Calvados 1
Irish Coffee 1
Marsala 1
Negroni 1
Pink gin 1
Rum 1
Slivovic 1
Steinhäger 1
Vesper martini 1
Total: 317

Bond’s drinks per-page ratio is one drink every seven pages (using the book lengths from the Signet paperbacks).

Bond is clearly a whiskey man, and throughout the novels he drinks 101 of them. Bourbon is his favorite liquor, and that doesn't even count 007's frequent enjoyment of doubles. Bourbon handily defeats scotch whisky, 58 to 38.

Sake comes in second, but this is entirely due to the vast amounts Bond drinks in just one novel, You Only Live Twice. Like his film counterpart, the literary 007 loves champagne. (On six occasions he has pink champagne.) Given that many of his 30 drinks of champagne were full bottles or portions of bottles (equaling at least another 30 glasses), champagne is clearly the literary Bond's second choice after whiskey. (For more on the way we tally drinks, see How We Count.) Among his preferred brands:

Champagne Brand Novel(s)
Bollinger Diamonds Are Forever 1971
Dom Perignon ’46 Moonraker 1979
Krug On Her Majesty`s Secret Service 1969
Pommery ’50 Goldfinger 1964
Taittinger Brut Blanc de Blanc Casino Royale 2006
On Her Majesty`s Secret Service 1969
Veuve Clicquot Casino Royale 2006
Veuve Clicquot Rosé Diamonds Are Forever 1971
Thunderball 1965

The vodka martini places at a somewhat lowly fifth place. Throw in gin martinis (as well as a few undetermined ones), and the martini total rises to a very respectable 41, even topping bourbon as a drink of choice. Bond has a total of 30 drinks containing vodka. The first novel in which Fleming uses the phrase "shaken and not stirred" is Diamonds Are Forever (although Bond does not actually say it until Doctor No).

There is something of a popular myth that the only reason James Bond is known as a vodka martini drinker is because of the placement of Smirnoff vodka in the film version of Dr. No. This is not true. Unlike his film counterpart, the literary Bond does drink gin martinis. However, 10 of the 16 gin martinis he drinks are prepared or ordered for him by other people (eight of them by Felix Leiter, who is definitely a gin martini man). The six that Bond orders for himself are consumed (three at a time) on just two separate occasions. Time and again, Fleming's 007 displays a clear preference for vodka martinis. By the way (to shoot down another myth), Bond drinks only one martini containing both vodka and gin, the Vesper in Casino Royale.

When he’s not enjoying alcohol, 007’s favorite drink is coffee. He drinks tea (which he normally abhors) in You Only Live Twice.

Bond’s women also share his taste for a good drink. Vesper Lynd and Tiffany Case are easily able to keep up with 007 (and it’s intimated that Vesper drinks a great deal more):

Bond Girl Drinks
Vesper Lynd 10
Solitaire 5
Gala Brand 4
Tiffany Case 9
Tatiana Romanova 7
Honeychile Rider 0
Pussy Galore 1
Domino Vitali 3
Vivienne Michel 1
Tracy di Vicenzo Bond 2
Kissy Suzuki 0
Mary Goodnight 3

Felix Leiter is 007’s best drinking buddy. He prefers Haig and Haig scotch, bourbon, and gin (never vodka) martinis:

Appearance by Leiter Drinks
Casino Royale 2006 2
Live And Let Die 1973 10
Diamonds Are Forever 1971 7
Goldfinger 1964 0
Thunderball 1965 5
The Man With The Golden Gun 1974 0
Total: 24

Bond has a number of friends and allies that share his tastes:

Bond's Friends Drinks
Rene Mathis 1
Kerim Bey 6
Quarrel 3
Enrico Colombo 4
Marc-Ange Draco 3
Tiger Tanaka 9
Dikko Henderson 13

By the way, M has eight drinks: five in Moonraker, two in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and one in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Finally, Bond’s opponents tend not to drink very much, if at all (Goldfinger, Blofeld and Scaramanga are all confirmed teetotalers). Several times during the later novels, Fleming opines that professional criminals don’t drink or smoke. The villain who drinks the most, Hugo Drax, appears to be a borderline alcoholic.

Villain Drinks
Le Chiffre 0
Mr. Big 0
Hugo Drax 4
Seraffimo Spang 1
“Red” Grant 0
Rosa Klebb 1
Dr. Julius No 0
Auric Goldfinger 0
Emilio Largo 1
Ernst Stavro Blofeld 0
Irma Bunt 0
Francisco Scaramanga 0

In Diamonds Are Forever, Wint and Kidd also have one drink each. While not a textbook villain, Milton Krest from “The Hildebrand Rarity” is a very heavy drinker.

“The target of my books lay somewhere between the solar plexus and the upper thigh.”
—Ian Fleming in The Daily Express, 1962


Welcome to the big board. The final totals: i Bondfilms

  • James Bond Novels: 317 drinks
  • James Bond Films: 114 drinks

For detailed information, see the separate statistical breakdowns for Novels and Films. We also examine totals and statistics for the five individual actors who have portrayed 007. Here is the cumulative total for the films and novels:

Drink Type Number
Champagne 65
Bourbon whiskey 57
Scotch whisky 42
Vodka martini 41
Sake 37
Brandy or Cognac 24
Gin or undetermined martini 21
Red wine 21
Undetermined 20
Beer 13
Straight vodka 11
White wine 9
Vodka and tonic 8
Gin and tonic 7
Americano 6
Raki 6
Old Fashioned 4
Undetermined whiskey 4
Vesper martini 4
Enzian 3
Ouzo 3
Rum 3
Stinger 3
Canadian whiskey 2
Korn Schnapps 2
Black Velvet 1
Glüwein 1
Irish Coffee 1
Japanese whisky 1
Marsala 1
Mint Julep 1
Mojito 1
Negroni 1
Pink gin 1
Port 1
Rum Collins 1
Sherry 1
Slivovic 1
Sparkling wine 1
Steinhäger 1
Total: 431

Champagne Bollinger, Stockholm 17 oktober 2006

Vinerna presenterades livfullt av Ghislain de Montgolfier VD för Champagne Bollinger. Med glädje, glimten i ögat och en lika speciell som hustrevlig humor guidade Ghislain den samlade pressen genom vinpresentationen. VD:ns självförtroende är mycket gott och vinerna är verkligen på topp, så det fungerar verkligen, - ”med rätt att vara Bollinger”

Vinbankens favoriter

99910 La Grande Année Magnum 1997, 1580 kr
Halm/gul, små bubblor.
Aningen rökig, tydligt fruktig, ren.
Torr, fyllig. Briljant ren, mineralkrispig äppelsmak, komplex m tenderande utvecklingsdrag av nötter och svamp. Lång eftersmak.
Betyg: 5-
Degorgerad*. maj 2005

98211 Vieilles Vignes Francaise 1998, 3 050 kr (finns 18/12 på SB, 20 flaskor)
Ljusgul, små, små bubblor.
Bär & frukt, ananas, äpplen, förfinat mineralinslag.
Torr, medelfyllig. Fantastiskt komplext, elegant och finstilt vin utan att tappa skärpa eller fokus. Körsbärssöta inslag.
Fantastiskt lång eftersmak.
Betyg: 5
Degorgerad*. –

Bollinger gjorde ingen Grand Année 1998. Alla viner som var med på provningen läggs under kommande vecka in i databasen för presentation i mobiltjänsten. Konsultera därför er telefon för en ”råkoll” på Bollinger. 

*Degorgera, på franska degorgement, betyder att vinet/champagnen/avlägsnas från den i flaskan kvarvarande jästfällningen. Fällning fryser i o m att man kyler ner flaskhalsen till -28 C. När kapsylen avlägsnas skjuts fällningen ut med hjälp av trycket i flaskan. Förfarandet utförs maskinellt, i sällsynta fall för hand, vilket kallas för ”a la volée”. Vin som går förlorat vid processen ersätts med nytt vin och socker. Sockerlösningen kallas för ”liqueur d´expédition” eller ”dosage”. Fram till 60-talet var det vanligt att tillföra några droppar cognac i dosagen, det är inte tillåtet idag.
Kvaliteten anses kunna höjas markant när fällningen få vara kvar i vinet under en längre period. Vidare är det intressant att veta datum för degorgering då detta varierar mellan husen och hos de enskilda producenterna själva. För konsumenten kan olika degorgeringstidpunkter förklara eventuella smakskillnader, vilket som hos vissa kooperativ kan vara lika märkbart som om man skulle köpa ett helt annat vin från en annan producent.

10 fakta om Bond och Bollinger

1. James Bond älskar Bollinger och har druckit den berömda champagnen i hela 30 år.
Att Bond förr har druckit Dom Perignon vet nog de flesta men han drack Taittinger Blanc de Blancs 43 i originalfilmen Casino Royal från 1967 och även en halvflaska Veuve Cliquot. Sedan 1976 har Bond varit trogen Bollinger och i Casino Royal i november festar han på Bollinger RD 90.

2. Första boken där Bond drack Bollinger var i Diamonds Are Forever från 1971.
Tiffany Case skickade en flaska till hans hytt på Queen Elizabeth.

3. Sean Connery hamnade i Guiness rekordbok som den bäst betalda skådespelaren efter Diamonds Are Forever. 1, 250 000$ i lön var 10 procent av filmens budget.
Privat är Sean Connerys favorit Bollinger Vieilles Vignes Francaises.

4. Den första filmen Bollinger var med i var Live and Let Die.
Det var först i Moonraker som det började bubbla ordentligt! Då drack han 69’ an.

5. Bond drack fyra glas Bollinger i Licence to Kill.
Det var 80 procent av hans totala alkoholkonsumtion i den filmen.

6. I GoldenEye så dricker Bond en RD 88’a.
Den ligger i handskfacket på hans Aston Martin DB5.

7. I Die Another Day valde Bond en 61’a.
Den skickades upp till hans hotellrum i Hongkong.

8. I den 21:a Bond-filmen, Casino Royale, beställer James Bond återigen in en Bollinger La Grande Année 1990.
När han gör det befinner sig James Bond på The One and Only Club på Bahamas.

9. När familjen Broccoli som producerar Bondfilmerna för 30 år sedan sökte en champagne som matchade James Bond, föll deras val på Bollinger.
Samarbetet mellan Bond och Bollingerfamiljerna vilar i dag på lång och nära vänskap.

10. Vänskapen mellan familjerna innebär att Bollinger inte betalar ett öre i sponsorpengar för att vara James Bondfilmernas officiella champagne.
Det är den enda sponsorn som inte betalar.

Vodka martini, "shaken not stirred" - often said as part of a bad Sean Connery impersonation - is one of the most quotable lines from Bond.

Yet Her Majesty's top secret agent's love of the bottle would leave him impotent and at death's door.

Doctors analysing the Ian Fleming novels show James Bond polishes off the equivalent of one and a half bottles of wine every day.

They say he is not the man to trust to deactivate a nuclear bomb.

Doctors in Derby and Nottingham sat down to read the 14 Bond novels in their spare time.

With a notebook at hand they charted every day and every drink.

Excluding the 36 days Bond was in prison, hospital or rehab, the spy downed 1,150 units of alcohol in 88 days.

It works out at 92 units a week - about five vodka martinis a day and four times the recommended maximum intake for men in the UK.

The doctors' report in the festive edition of the British Medical Journal concluded: "Although we appreciate the societal pressures to consume alcohol when working with international terrorists and high stakes gamblers, we would advise Bond to be referred for further assessment of his alcohol intake."

Patrick Davies, a consultant in paediatric intensive care at Nottingham University Hospitals, told the BBC: "You wouldn't want this person defusing a nuclear bomb.

"He's a very glamorous person, he gets all the girls and that's totally incompatible with the lifestyle of an alcoholic, which he is."

He said Bond would be classified in the "top whack" of problem drinkers and would be at high risk of liver damage, an early death and impotence.

"So he might be practising safe sex after all," said Dr Davies.

From Russia with vodka

He also had a "Drink and Let Drive" habit after consuming 39 units in Casino Royale then crashing in a high-speed car chase and needing two weeks in hospital.

On his biggest bender, Bond had 50 units in a single day during From Russia With Love and only 13 days in all the novels were free of the sauce.

Charting James Bond's drinking habits with age, he starts off drinking heavily in Casino Royale (1953) before seemingly starting to get his life in order as he heads towards Goldfinger (1959).

However, his intake starts to soar again and peaks at 132 units a week in You Only Live Twice (1964).

The researchers argue this may be a response to the death of his wife a year earlier in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

They say the study is light-hearted, and did not interfere with their day jobs, but raises an important message about alcohol.

Excessive alcohol consumption is thought to cause 2.5 million deaths every year around the world.

"The level of functioning as displayed in the books is inconsistent with the physical, mental, and indeed sexual functioning expected from someone drinking this much alcohol," the doctors said.