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Moonraker CD
Music by John Barry 1979
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20110

Moonraker: 1979

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1979 Film) [SOUNDTRACK]
James Bond Films (Related Recordings), John Barry
This is probably the most relaxing James Bond score to listen to. There are many beautiful melodies on this CD, with John Barry's usual excellent use of harmony. Clearly, the expansiveness of space has been captured in the music and there is an inspired use of choirs in some of the tracks, which contributes to the ethereal quality of the score.
I personally think the title song is very good, with a haunting and evocative melody. Shirley Bassey does the tune justice, for her third and, so far, final Bond theme tune. The title song also has a highly enjoyable 'funked up' 70's era arrangement at the end of the CD, reflecting the Disco in which the score was written.
The score also features John Barry's energetic '007 theme', which has featured thus far in 'From Russia With Love', 'Thunderball', and 'Diamonds are Forever'.
The only drawback of this CD was the the complete lack of the James Bond theme in the score, something as a James Bond score collector I always look out for!

For Your Eyes Only CD
Music by Bill Conti 1981
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20120


Bill Conti, James Bond Films (Related Recordings)
This CD release appends seven 'bonus tracks' of music not previously released on the original 1981 LP. But since the LP release already contained the best of the music from the movie, do not expect any real treasures in the added material. The 'bonus tracks' are excellent for providing a complete soundtrack, though they are mostly compilations of brief or slower pieces of incidental music.
Several interesting items about this album: A typo in the labeling of this CD release lists two track 3's and no track 5. The original LP release also was victim of a typo. The track described as "Gonzales Takes A Drive" was supposed to have been "Gonzales Takes A Dive" - a play on words since Gonzales is killed by Melina's arrow as he is diving into the pool. That typo has perpetuated in the back cover labeling of this CD release, but is corrected in the inside notes. And finally, the track labeled "Melina's Revenge" is really two pieces from the film. Only the first 35 seconds of the track contain the dramatic queue from the emotional closeup of Melina just after her parents are killed. The remainder of the track is the excellent action piece from the pre-credits helicopter sequence, which likely would have been separately titled "Have a Pleasant Fright."

Octopussy CD
Music by John Barry 1983
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20130

Octopussy: 1983

Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack [Enhanced CD] [SOUNDTRACK]
John Barry, Tim Rice, James Bond Films (Related Recordings), Rita Coolidge
1983 Barry was back with Bond, he din´t to the score to For Your Eyes Only.
I must begin saying that I have the original soundtrack, so i have never hurd
songs nr. 3. 6. and 9., which are bonus on the CD:
This soundtrack is good. Real good.
When you listen to it, it reminds you about Barry´s work
for "From Russia With Love".
In those two soundtracks you have many dark and mystery
tunes, which work splendide.
In this album you also have a very good action-theme, which you hear for the first
time on Track nr. 2: "009 gets the knife and Gobinda attacks".
The theme returns in two more songs, "Yo-Yo fight and death of Vijay" and "Palace Fight".
Good soft songs are Track nr. 8. "Bond at Monsoon Palace"
and track nr. 10 "Bond meets Octopussy".
In Track nr. 13. works Barry very good with his action-theme
together with James Bond Theme.
The three best songs: Track nr. 2 "Bond look-alike" Track nr. 12 "The chase bomb theme" and
Track nr. 13. "Palace Fight". A traditional Barry score!

A View To Kill CD
Music by John Barry 1985
Pris: 498:- US : $49
Nr  : 007- 20130

A View To A Kill: 1985[IMPORT] [SOUNDTRACK]

John Barry, Duran Duran
Editorial Reviews
Album Description
Japanese edition of soundtrack to the 1985 Bond film.
15 tracks including Duran Duran's hit title track.
Album Details
Original soundtrack to the 1985 James Bond box office smash.
Features the title track performed by Duran Duran, plus three orchestral
reworkings of the main theme & eleven other tracks
This is a very hard to find CD. There are some really exciting tracks. I can definitely see the effort that John Barry put into this soundtrack. Tracks 1 & 15 feature the #1 hit title song: A VIEW TO A KILL sung by Duran Duran, and tracks like: 2 (Snow Job), 8 (He's Dangerous), & 14 (Golden Gate Fight) are great action tracks. They have all the same music on them but set up in different ways. Tracks 3,7,9,12 & 13 are great suspenseful tracks, and tracks 4 and 10 feature beutiful instrumental versions of A VIEW TO A KILL. The rest of the tracks are good and help keep this soundtrack together. All in all this is a great soundtrack, well worth the money you have to pay to get it.

The Living Daylights CD
Music by John Barry 1987
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20140

The Living Daylights: 1987

Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack [Enhanced CD] [SOUNDTRACK]
James Bond Films (Related Recordings), John Barry
The Living Daylights was the first of the Timothy Dalton Bond
portrayals but the last of the John Barry scores.
Though the film marked the 25th anniversary of Bond's cinematic prowess,
listeners can detect Barry's slumping enthusiasm for the '80s 007 incarnation.
The assortment of recording artists accompanying Barry, such as a-ha and the Pretenders,
may date the release, but the '80s synth pop sounds a bit refreshing in the face of
today's heavier beats. Barry himself even uses several synthesized rhythm tracks.
This disc includes almost a half hour of previously unreleased tracks of
incidental music from the film, including a typically exciting Bond pre-credits teaser theme.
The Living Daylights was John Barry's eleventh complete score for the Bond series,
and the instantly recognizable Bond/Barry sound was given a contemporary twist
through the use of synthesized rhythm tracks. The CD also includes tracks by the Pretenders
and a-ha.Back on CD! Includes additional music!

Licence To Kill CD
Music by Michael Kamen 1989
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20150

Licence To Kill: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album [SOUNDTRACK] 1989

Michael Kamen mad here in Licence to Kill a good soundtrack, using a very different style of music. There are good scores in here like: Pam, James and Felix on Thei Way To Church and Licence Revoked, the beautiful title song by Gladys Knight and Dirty Love by Tim Feehan. Kamen made his job as a composer and Licence to Kill still is for a Collector!!!
In all honesty, I think this is one of the better bond soundtracks there are. Most of them usually sound all the same, but 'Licence To Kill' offers something different. Michael Kamen of the 'Die Hard' and 'Lethal Weapon' fame, amongst others, provides an exciting and hard hitting, yet beautiful score mixed with various songs from the film. Fans of the traditional bond style soundtracks may find this a little different at first, but watch the film a few times, give the CD a few listens and you'll love this album, great for any music fan, a gem for the bond fanatic.

Golden Eye CD
Music by Eric Serra 1995
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20160


I love the soundtrack. Its very oringianl and suits the film nicely. As GoldenEYE in its self was a highly original film, of which why i liked it. Also i can watch the film over and over again and listen to the score Soundtrack over and over.
GoldenEye is one of my favourite soundtracks of all Bond movies and I think Eric Serra's version of the James Bond Theme on this CD is great.I have to say that I'm tired of all these monotone Barry-soundtracks.Many hardcore-Bondfans complain about the lack of the original Bond theme on this soundtrack,but these people fail to see that other earlier Bond-soundtracks didn't have the 007-Theme at all (for example Moonraker or Diamonds are forever).And,if you should be honest: all great Bond-soundtracks are not by John Barry (For your eyes only,License to Kill,Tomorrow never dies,GoldenEye etc).It's a pity that Eric Serra didn't do an entire new version of the James Bond Theme,like Wings did it in Live and let die.I think of GoldenEye as one of the greatest Bond soundtracks ever although there's a lack of a real action-track and that's why I give it "only" four stars.

Tomorrow Never Dies CD
Music by David Arnold1997
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20170


Tomorrow Never Dies: Music From The Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK] 1997

A great piece of work by David Arnold. His first Bond soundtrack and he does a wonderful job. I really prefer the soundtrack to the movie itself. The theme song is just ok, "Surrender" is classic bond, "Backseat Driver" is my favorite track, "James Bond Theme" by Moby isn't that impressive, and the rest of the soundtrack is great, Arnold does a good job in bringing Bond back to his musical roots. Recommended.

The World is Not Enough CD
Music by David Arnold 1999
Pris: 298:- US : $29
Nr  : 007- 20180

The World Is Not Enough: Music From The MGM Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK] 1999

First off I want to say that David Arnold has done a magnificent job at capturing the spirit of 007 for the new millenium. His blend of traditional Bondian jazz blended in with techno is perfect. This is very similar to what John Barry did for THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS sountrack. Unlike Eric Serra (GOLDENEYE) he stays in familiar territory instead of going somewhere totally new and foriegn. As for Garbage's title track, WOW. This song also captures the spirit of the great title songs with excellent lyrics, vocales, and instrumentals.
The soundtrack album has one major flaw.... missing cues. While I was satified with the amount of coverage the soundtrack album had (unlike TOMORROW NEVER DIES which left out the entire second half of the film), I was upset that essentials like the gunbarrel cue and the entire end title track (which sounded awesome) did not make the CD. Someone needs to let the producers of these soundtrack albums to make the entire CD complete.
Personally I think that this is one of the best James Bond scores ever written and rank it with great contempary John Barry scores like THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. I hope that for BOND 20....... DAVID ARNOLD WILL RETURN...

Die Another Day

Musik av David Arnold (2002

Die Another Day CD
Music by David Arnold 2002
Pris: 198:- US : $23
Nr  : 007- 20190
1. Die another day (performed by Madonna)
2. James Bond theme (Bond vs Oakenfold)
3. On the beach
4. Hovercraft chase
5. Some kind of hero?
6. Welcome to Cuba
7. Jinx Jordan
8. Jinx & James
9. A touch of frost
10. Icarus
11. Laser fight
12. Whiteout
13. Iced inc
14. Antonov
15. Going down together

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