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Unpublished James Bond auditions    I Hennes Majestäts Hemliga Tjänst (1969)   On Her Majesty`s Secret Service  George Lazenby

James Bond: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" För att fira 40-årsdagen av OHMSS tillför  tidigare aldrig sett, bilder på auditions för filmen I hennes Majestäts Hemliga Tjänst.
He was a 28-year-old Australian model living in London, with virtually no acting experience outside TV commercials. But there was something about George Lazenby that placed him a notch above his competitors. Particularly impressive was his physical prowess: In a subsequent audition to test his fighting skills, Lazenby reportedly broke a stuntman's nose. That clinched it.

Photo: Loomis Dean

George Lazenby, the one-time Bond, makes a valiant effort in perhaps the most dramatic film of the series. Underplaying the role at most times, Lazenby is also hurt by the fact that his voice is dubbed for half the film. However, he did have what it takes to be Bond and, given more opportunity, would have adapted to the role perfectly.

George Lazenby, född 5 september 1939 i Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australien, är en australisk skådespelare. Mest berömd som den andre James Bond skådespelaren, i filmen "On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969"

Notes From the Director

Lazenby fiddles with a knife while chatting with Peter R. Hunt. "He was a great looking guy and he moved along very well," the director, who died in 2002, once said in an interview with Retro Vision magazine. "I think if things had gone the other way, he would have gone on to be a very good Bond."

Photo: Loomis Dean

Extended Filmography
  • The Man From Hong Kong (1975)
  • The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)
  • Saint Jack (1979)
  • Star of (1998)
  • Gettysburg (1993)
  • The Evil Inside Me (1993) - Buy Now
  • Four Dogs Playing Poker (2000) - 
  • Spiders Web (2002) - 


Confident, Playful

Lazenby goofs off behind the scenes of his screen test, boxing with an unidentified man."“I was so naïve, so green," the actor reminisced in a 1992 interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I was a country boy from Australia, basically, who walked into a Bond role."

Photo: Loomis Dean

After 007, Lazenby's film career flopped, performing in a variety of low budget flicks. In 1971 he performed as Ryker in the war drama "Universal Solider", but Lazenby's attempt at a more serious production failed at the box office.

The male model moved to Hong Kong in the 1970's and won a string of roles in Kung Fu adventures. While many proved to be a financial success for the actor, none were particularly memorable to the Western audiences. During his time in the East, Lazenby managed to set up a production with martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, the production did not get beyond the planning stages due to the untimely passing of Lee.

Awaiting Direction

Lazenby twirls a gun beside potential Bond girl Marie-France Boyer. "I'm really looking forward to being Bond, for the bread and the birds," he told LIFE after his casting.

Photo: Loomis Dean

George Lazenby

Full Name: George Robert Lazenby
Date of Birth: 5th September 1939
Place of Birth: Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia
Height: 6' 2" (1.88m)
Also Famous For: Universal Solider, The Kentucky Fried Movie
Films: 1
Active Duty: 1969
Only Bond: The only 007 actor/athlete, winning two ski competitions in Australia.

1969 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Bedside Manner

The actor looks comfortable beside Bond-girl hopeful Agneta Eckemyr — but once filming began, rumors sprouted that Lazenby had personality conflicts with the woman ultimately cast as his love interest Tracy, Avengers star Diana Rigg. Opinions about the movie they made are split — initially there was much grumbling about Lazenby's performance as compared with Connery's, but the years have been kind to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Entertainment Weekly ranks it the sixth best of the franchise).

Photo: Loomis Dean

Skådespelaren ser bekväma bredvid Bond-girl hoppfull Agneta Eckemyr - men när inspelningen började, rykten grodda att Lazenby hade personliga konflikter med kvinnan slutligen rollen som hans kärleksintresse Tracy, Avengers stjärna Diana Rigg. Åsikter om filmen de gjorde som delas upp - mycket i början fanns ett muttra om Lazenby ekonomiska resultat jämfört med Connerys, men åren har varit vänliga att I hennes majestäts hemliga tjänst (Entertainment Weekly ligger det på det sjätte bästa av franchise).

George Lazenby med den Svenska Bond-girll Agneta Eckemyr
George Lazenby med den Svenska Bond-girl Agneta Eckemyr 

Character information

The producers of James Bond introduced George Lazenby to worldwide audiences in a way that is used for lots of other characters throughout the Bond films. As with Sean Connery in Dr No, and Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Only Live Twice, the audience only gets to see parts of the character before they are introduced. Bond is seen lighting a cigar, the back of him, and him looking at Teresa Di Vicenzo through a telescopic sight. It is not until Bond rescues Tracy from the sea, that George Lazenby introduces himself to Tracy in James Bond’s classic way.

Numerous elements where inserted into On Her Majesty's Secret Service to convince audiences that George Lazenby was still James Bond. The credits showed scenes from previous films slipping through an hourglass and a scene in James Bond's apartment where he examines famous artefacts from previous films. Unfortunately due to only doing one film George Lazenby did not really have chance to develop his character of James Bond. Who knows what would have happened if George Lazenby would have continued to develop his character in subsequent films, in his role as Bond, James Bond. §


Hitting the Pub

Long and strong, Lazenby leans against a bar in what appears to be a moment away from auditions. Bond producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman told LIFE that the new 007 would be "an instant millionaire" — so imagine their shock when Lazenby quit after On Her Majesty's Secret Service, passing up a seven-year contract because he thought the emerging counterculture meant the spy franchise was passé.


Film information

The second entry to the part of James Bond was George Lazenby. Born on 5th September 1939, Lazenby started work as model. Apart from the few TV commercials that he appeared in, (where Cubby Broccoli spotted him) he had no acting experience prior to being cast as James Bond.

George Lazenby took on the character of James Bond at a very crucial time in the Bond series; Sean Connery had just left and the part was left to this relatively unknown Australian actor to keep the Bond series going.

Due to a mediocre audience reaction, and advised that the Bond series would die out anyway, George Lazenby would only star in one James Bond film. It can be said that Lazenby was against the odds when he took on the role of James Bond. With the pressure of being the new James Bond after Connery’s departure - his long shadow still very much present and combined with Lazenby’s disagreements with Cubby throughout production, things didn't go too smoothly for the Australian actor.


George Lazenby: A Career Come and Gone

"First I was very humble about it and naïve, and then I kinda got on the bandwagon and sort of said, 'I must be who they say I am,' and got carried away and demanded limousines and did the whole bit," Lazenby said in the '92 interview, regarding his behavior after his casting. "[It] was obnoxious and arrogant and all the things you hate about those people. And I got what I deserved." (That would be roles in B-movies and Bond parodies.)


In 1964, Lazenby moved to London with the hope of building a career as a model. However, before getting into the industry, the aspiring showman would have to find work as a car salesman and mechanic once more. He gained his first modeling work after being approached by a freelance photographer. Once Lazenby got himself on the books of a UK-based agent, his career as a model began to gain pace and within a year of successful jobs, Lazenby became one of the highest paid models in Europe. The 28-year-old reportedly earned over £40,000 from his chosen profession in 1967. Most memorably, the Australian star was the face of Marlboro in their advertising campaigns - casually known as the European "Marlboro Man".

Fem som ville bli James Bond?

In the early '60s, movie producers adapting Ian Fleming's novels about a suave British spy named James Bond plucked a relative unknown, Sean Connery, out of obscurity and offered him the role of a lifetime. And when Connery left the franchise after five movies, the hunt for Bond was on again.  LIFE sent photographer Loomis Dean to the final casting sessions for On Her Majesty's Secret Service (released 40 years ago this week), and the magazine published a handful of those photos.  But some of the choicest frames — Bond wannabes suiting up, holding guns, drinking martinis, wooing women — have never been seen…until now.  Meet each of the five top candidates (including ultimate choice George Lazenby, bottom right in this composite image), and check out their best moves. 
de fem sista 007 utmanare: John Richardson, Anthony Rogers, Robert Campbell, Hans de Vries och George Lazenby (vinnaren, James Bond # 2).
Bilden ovan är de fem sista 007 utmanare: John Richardson, Anthony Rogers, Robert Campbell, Hans de Vries och George Lazenby (vinnaren, James Bond # 2).
I början av 60-talet, filmproducenter anpassning av Ian Flemings romaner om en suave brittisk spion som heter James Bond plockade en relativt okänd, Sean Connery, ur dunklet och erbjöd honom rollen som en livstid. Och när Connery lämnade rösträtt efter fem filmer, jakten på Bond var på igen.
Life skickade fotografen Loomis Dean till den slutliga gjutningen sessioner för I hennes majestäts hemliga tjänst (släpptes för 40 år sedan denna vecka), och tidningen publicerade en handfull av dessa bilder. Men några av de ädlaste ramar - Bond wannabes passande upp, hålla pistoler, dricka martinis, frieri kvinnor - har aldrig sett ... förrän nu.
Möt de fem toppkandidater (inklusive ultimata valet George Lazenby, nere till höger i denna sammansatta bild), och kolla in deras bästa drag.

In 1971, Lazenby married his first wife Christina Gannett - heiress to the publishing company Gannett - with whom he had two children, Zachary and Melanie. During the 80's and 90's, Lazenby signed a contract with ABC's American smash drama "General Hospital", prime time soap opera "Rituals", as well as "The Pretender", "Batman" and even took a role in a token episode of "Baywatch".

In 1994, Lazenby's son Zachary tragically passed away after a prolonged period of cancer before his divorce from his wife, Gannett. Lazenby's film career teetered in the late '90s and he took a break from the public scene, buying and selling real estate, before he married tennis pro Pam Shriver in 2002. The pair had three children: twins Kaitlin and Elizabeth and Samuel. In August 2008 the pair filed for divorce.

"I'm still waiting for that one right, perfect role, to set things right. I'd really love that chance."


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